E3 2015: Wasteland 2 is Even Better On Consoles | Hardcore Gamer

HG: The classic PC RPG Wasteland deserves enormous amounts of credit for what it did, not only for gamers at the the time, but for folks it inspired to create their own amazing games. Going back to it now, though, is a steep challenge. With that said, tons of fans adore it to this day which is why when Wasteland 2 hit Kickstarter back in 2012 that fans raised nearly $3 million dollars to see it brought to life. Both existing fans and modern PC players with no previous knowledge of the series fell in love when it hit Steam in 2014. In a surprising move, inXile Entertainment more recently decided to bring this title to console players as well. It’s a brave move but one that seems being treated with the care required.

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ThichQuangDuck1269d ago

I have it on PC but may double dip on PS4 since I haven't played it much on PC