Rumor: Potential Nintendo and Disney deal, Nintendo mobile games on the Amazon Appstore

A couple of rumors have surfaced regarding a potential partnership between Nintendo and Disney as well as one between Nintendo and Amazon.

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SaveMeJebus1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

A partnership between Disney and Nintendo would be a win win for both companies for sure! Nintendo apps on Amazon are nice but can you imagine "Nintendo World" at one of Disney's theme parks? That would be really cool.

Kurisu1149d ago

Disney Amiibo incoming.

Magicite1149d ago

Nintendo going 3rd party incoming

mokkeyrg21149d ago

that should have happened years ago!!

pcz1149d ago

probably amiibo compatibility with disney infinity

3-4-51149d ago

* So essentially the NX could be this? :

* Normal console at least as powerful as PS4

* Also includes ability to play ios phone games, which can get the iphone fans to buy in.

* Disney Partnership = Nintendo + Disney games or amiibos.

- Possible Mario + Star Wars = Possibility of Luke Skywalker or Obi-wan or Darth Vader in Super Smash Brothers NX.

* Disney will be the only company allowed, at first, to make video games or movies using Nintendo characters.

* Disney is partnered with Nintendo for a Disney theme park with a Nintendo theme, so they officially have a new working relationship involving a lot of money and IP use.

* I think if Nintendo wanted to allow it's IP's to be used, they wanted it to be with somebody they knew had the Talent, & could be trusted.

Disney would be that company.

* Imagine Disney/PiXar animators, + Nintendo IP's.

* Do you guys remember Aladdin for Sega Genesis ?

One of the reasons that game was so loved was the animations were done by Disney Animators, which made them stand out as the best on the system by far.

* THAT talent, those animations + Nintendo IP's WILL sell the NX.....just not sure how much.

You want those Wii sales back ? Partner with Disney and get that Star Wars money.

MSBAUSTX1149d ago

Even though what you said is a little over the top, I dont think you are far off from reality. The western World loves Disney and Disney is filthy stinking rich with tons of artists. This could change the current Skylanders deal and it become a group effort with Nintendo and Disney and Activision. This is a brilliant way for Nintendo to get their hands on the third partys money. A lot of what you said is interesting. We will have to see what happens.

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SmokingMonkey1149d ago

OMG Disney is going to buy Nintendo.

mikel10151149d ago

Can't tell if sarcasm or just retarded

SmokingMonkey1149d ago

No just being retarded, I don't actually believe this would happen. But then again, I would have never thought Disney would buy LucasArts...and well here we are.

deafdani1149d ago

Disney bought Marvel and LucasArts. Do you really think Nintendo is outside of their grasp?

The biggest obstacle here would be japanese pride - Nintendo selling themselves to an American company -, not money.

GordonKnight1149d ago

Microsoft wanted to purchase Nintendo when they first got into the gaming industry. Nintendo didn't sell then, but times have changed. IMO I would think Nintendo would wait until their company has a higher value to sell. That's only if they would sell. Either way my investment in Nintendo is going to bold way in future with all these big partnerships they're making.

Moonman1149d ago

Nintendo is in a great place financial wise with Universal Theme Park partnership, DeNA and something like this would bring fortune.

Maybay1149d ago

I like this idea.

It can mean big things for Nintendo. Maybe it's time to buy more stock (^o^).

Sly-Lupin1149d ago

It would mean bigger things for Disney, from a gamer's perspective at least. Imagine Disney properties getting games with Nintendo-level quality? That'd be fantastic.

Even without the whole idea that we could get a Star Wars game that's does its own thing and is awesome.

lxlkuyaboilxl1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

A deal like this would definitely open up the possibility for a "Nintendo World". From what I remember, they were planning on opening up theme park attractions with Universal Parks.

EDIT: @Moonman beat me to the Universal news.

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