Dev Suspects That Xbox One Performance Gains Due To DX12 Won't Be As Noticeable Compared To A PC

Vicious Cycle's Eric Peterson suspects that high end PCs have more to gain from DirectX 12.

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nicksetzer11147d ago

Umm ... is this even news. You don't even need to any education or special knowledge to know this.

PC gains will be larger than console. No question, never was.

Kingthrash3601147d ago

Less about news more about bait. Smdh

T9001147d ago

Well Xb one is a console. One would expect its already very well optimized as they code to the metal from get go. DX 12 doing anything much for XB1 is just hype. Just like using MS servers to improve performance was hype. Nothings going to materialize out of this.

On the PC yes we should see good improvements. Since PC uses APIs to communicate which should see improvement with DX12.

Cindy-rella1147d ago

I guess on to some other fairytale hope of xbox one surpassing the ps4 in performance. Cloud rhetoric failed, DX12 chat is out so what is next? Fanatics are silly

pedrof931147d ago

DX 12 is a marketing stunt, nothing less nothing more.

GameNameFame1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

-Even MS themselves said it wont be dramatic on X1.
-MS engineers specifically said DX12 is giving what consoles have to PC. They called DX12 "console-level efficiency on PC"

Forget about closing/reducing any gaps. And lets not make a big deal about minor performance boost that any regular console usually get over its life cycle.

We have
-Move engine secret sauce
-Kinect power unlock secret sauce
-Cloud sauce of course.
-March SDK some power optimization unlock secret sauce.
-Other regular SDK regular-improvement that is somehow super secret sauces.
-DX12 secret sauce that MS themselves said wasn't secret sauce.

After all the secret sauces, gap isnt closing. Looking at games like Project Cars, it is getting wider.

Kingdomcome2471147d ago

@Cindy-rella- Funny that you would call out fanaticism in another person whenever 75% of your comments consist of bashing other consoles. The remaining 25% of your comments can be found in sales articles. At least you are consistent. This whole endless cycle is becoming tiresome. I love games. I own all current gen systems aside, from the WiiU, which I want to eventually get. People like you care more about belittling the other systems than you do enjoying your own. It's sad. We all love games here (I think), yet 90% of our energy is wasted arguing. We're nearing two years in on this gen. Believe me when I say that the usual suspects on both sides have already sufficiently made their opinions crystal clear by now. Move on, or you'll look up one day to see that this gen passed you by.

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bunt-custardly1147d ago

Well the headline Gamingbolt used is a bit stoo-pid but the content is fair hearing this news from another source.

Brotard1147d ago

Gaming bolt will report anything and everything... Smh

Haru1147d ago

Why not every single article from gamingbolt gets approved no matter ow shitty it is while other better articles never get to be approved this N4G get over it

Death1147d ago

Yeah, I'm a little shocked a developer is this late to the game. Phil's been saying this since DX12 was announced.

tgunzz1147d ago

We are fresh off of e3, where there is so much amazing content to write about, and this is what comes... Interesting...

Spotie1146d ago

Hasn't stopped a lot of fans from thinking massive gains are incoming, has it?

Death1146d ago

The only fans that keep saying massive gains are the ones that don't have an Xbox. Phil has been very clear the gains will not be massive. The problem we are running into is some fans claim not massive and no gain are the same thing. There will be gains, but to what extent we do not know. The only thing we know for sure is they are not massive.

The main difference between the PS4 and Xbox is not performance like many want to make it. The difference is in features.

OB1Biker1147d ago

Enough with this site. WTF/no

IaMs121147d ago

Thats interesting, i figured it would be a greater gain on the consoles since the hardware is set in stone for consoles. PCs there are tons of different hardware combinations so i'd imagine the gains would be from very little to a lot. Then again im not a software/hardware engineer haha

frostypants1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

GamingBolt's MO:
-Pick proven clickbait/flamebait topic
-Get developer for some indie/obscure studio to agree to interview
-Ask developer for input on said clickbait topic, even if it has little bearing on their specific background or games

Why hasn't GamingBolt been banned from N4G yet? Why? WHY?! HHG was banned for similar hackery, but he was at least entertaining at times.

TheHaloGuy1146d ago

Yea wtf. Tired of these effing articles. Can we get back to the GAMES people?!

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hennessey861147d ago

The sun will probably rise at some point where you live.

akurtz1147d ago

Lol take a lap hennesy.
FITgamer got you!!

otherZinc1146d ago


LMAO! Absolutely; "take a lap"! Lol.

yarbie10001147d ago

Dev repeats same thing that Microsoft has stated....brought to you by Gamingbolt

TheGreatGamer1147d ago

Wow is this serious? We all know this, it's hardly 'news' smh

weirdo1147d ago

ppl should just accept that xbone is a 900p machine, it's never gonna be as powerful as ps4. hey, who actually cares anyway... i'm more interested in GAMING!!

B1uBurneR1147d ago

lets admits that 900p resolution difference is minimal or hard to defend when the other system is 50% more powerful.

2nd the PS4 Power wise is closer to a pc. But visually in reality it's closer to a X1. some people can't accept the reality of this.

I believe Devs and others alike rinse and repeat this to lower our expectations in-case there is any backlash when games still perform at 900p while performing 1080p on other consoles.

lemoncake1147d ago

ps4 power wise is closer to a pc? Wtf does that even mean? you do know PCs are not one set spec right? This makes no sense if you trying to say ps4 is a high end PC, it's not.

Gamer7771147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

I doubt the PS4 is 50% more powerful, it's got a better GPU yet weaker CPU. The PS4 main advantage over the XB1 is the high amount of ROPs ;it's GPU has 32 instead of 16. The XB1 CPU 1.75 ghz with 48ops instead of 16 ops running at 1.6ghz. PCs vary in power considerably some are weaker than iPhone 6s others are as powerful as 8+ PS4s put together. The XB1 and PS4 are comparable to most midrange PCs.

tuglu_pati1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )


1080p has almost 50% more pixels than 900p so basically one could say PS4 is almost 50% faster/powerful/stronger which ever word suits it better.

reaperofsouls1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

gamer777 is citing mrXmedia i assume. The PS4 maximum clock frequency is 2.75ghz... read product specification of link

IrishSt0ner1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

"gamer777 is citing mrXmedia"

"The PS4 maximum clock frequency is 2.75ghz"

I think you're closer to that groups mentality than you'd care know... please tell me what is that maximum clock frequency referring to?

I mean honestly, why comment if you genuinely have no clue about hardware? I'll give you a hint, it's not the CPU which gamer777 was talking about.

The others stating '50% more powerful', do you even realise that's the GPU being referenced? A single component ≠ overall system power.

Numbers are thrown out, misinterepreted, and forever regurgitated, misinforming the next generation of readers.

PS4 is the more powerful console overall, of that there is no doubt, but these arbitrary numbers are misleading, and used intentionally so... the difference fluctuates from game to game.

Still, will get loads of disagrees for stating a simple truth that does not fit into their preconceived notions.

AndrewLB1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

"2nd the PS4 Power wise is closer to a pc. But visually in reality it's closer to a X1. some people can't accept the reality of this. "

Absolute nonsense.

PS4- 1.84 tflops
Xbone- 1.31 tflops

GTX 960 ($179)- 2.7 tflops
GTX 970 ($299)- 4.2 tflops
GTX 980 ($450)- 5.3 tflops
GTX 980ti ($599)- 6.5 tflops

Add 20% more flops by simple overclocking.

And this doesn't even factor in CPU performance. Mobile AMD vs Intel Desktop.... lol.

@Gamer- PS4 and Xbone CPU's are closer to Intel's latest entry level Desktop CPU's. You'd have to get an i3 processor to get down to console performance. Don't forget... i5 is mid-range, i7 is high-end, and i7-2011 is "i have more money than i know what to do with" enthusiast-level.

And FYI, there are no modern Desktop PC processors weaker than an iPhone 6. Even the outdated Intel Pentium D "smithfield" dual-core 2.8ghz CPU sold at newegg for $16.99 is faster than an iPhone 6 and it's basically a 10 year old chip.


I'm lost for words. Did you even read that FCC certification document? 2.75ghz is the frequency of the PS4's Wifi chip. /facepalm


And since someone is going to make the stupid retort "PS4 looks just as good as PC...", they clearly haven't seen what a PC only game with AAA funding looks like.

This is from an alpha build in crappy resolution (720p Xbone style) and lovely youtube compression, and it still looks better than anything on console.

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LexHazard791147d ago

hey didnt Konami announce MGS5 is 1080p 60fps on Xbox One.. oh wait didnt we just see Forza 6 1080p 60fps and everything all the ps fanboys said it lacked and more! so much for just a 900p.. i gotta say out of the fanboys PS are the worse but thats fine they do outnumber everyone, but damn cant gamers just enjoy a good discussion?

tuglu_pati1147d ago

That was a rumor, Kojima nor Konami haven't announced/confirmed this.

Cuzzo631146d ago

I think it's fair to say it bad on both sides

StrayaKNT1146d ago

Well the only true 1080p 60fps first party AAA exclusive is forza so yeah looks like it's just as powerful dude lol

poor_cus_of_games1146d ago

You're a funny little guy. Don't change.

Denny_Crane1146d ago

What about the major downgrade forza 5 got to get 1080p 60fps.

rainzor1146d ago

Forza 5 isn't even demamding

frostypants1146d ago

Both systems have their merits. Let's all be honest. The best case unicorn-scenario most of us dream about is a collaboration where Sony makes the hardware and Microsoft handles the UI and social aspects.

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