Microsoft: Post-E3 2015 - A Strong Conference, No One Left Out

Jason: "I could barely manage to get most (not even all!) of the announcements into 5 minutes... But I did it! I can understand why Quantum Break and Scalebound announcements got pushed to Gamescom!"

Jason from PlayerEssence discusses.

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FallenAngel19841003d ago (Edited 1003d ago )

If you love JRPGs you were definately left out in the grand scheme of Xbox One plans

Septic1003d ago

This is true. They need at least a couple of exclusive jrpg's soon.

Software_Lover1002d ago

When they had some great JRPGs Las Gen people still paid no attention.

The argument was...... "the devs were stupid to put them on Xbox. Should've released on playstation"

mikeslemonade1003d ago (Edited 1003d ago )

Microsoft has deep pockets, and for that I think they kept it too safe. For their main focus they are largely catering to the same audience that owns the console already.

I feel asleep watching the TR demo and Gears of War demo.

I'm a graphics whore and probably one of the biggest ones here on N4G, but I can spot a trend faster than most people here. The thing is if your main focus of your game is to improve graphics from the last iteration, it's not going to be enough.

Microsoft was the main culprit of the three to mainly focus on improving graphics. I started hating on COD that we know today well before everyone else did. And now I see a trend where people will not accept just graphical achievement with stale and overused gameplay, it's not gonna work. The leap in graphics is too marginal these days.

Rookie_Monster1002d ago

Not entirely. With BC, there are possibility that some of the best jRPG from last gen like Lost Odyssey and the Tales game will be available for XB1 gamers that missed them last gen.

WizzroSupreme1002d ago

That sure was a great conference, but Final Fantasy VII Remake, Shenmue III, and Last Guardian pushed Sony's just over the top.

IanVanCheese1002d ago

FF VII is timed exclusive and years away. Shenmue 3 is years away. The Last Guardian honestly had a fairly meh return, the stage demo they showed didn't look that great.

Sony's conference was a spectacle, but Xbox showed why you should buy an Xbox One now.