Shuhei Yoshida: Virtual Reality Not the Next 3D TV

While Sony is hedging its bets on its virtual reality device Project Morpheus to be the next revolution in gaming, will it have enough mass market appeal and support from core gamers so it won’t end the same way 3D TVs and other gimmicks prior to it?

This concern was aired to Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida at this year’s E3 by PlayStation LifeStyle during a group media session.

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excaliburps1189d ago

Well, there's no way it could fail that hard, right?

UnHoly_One1188d ago

I think it can.

3D was about movies, not just games.

People had access to 3D in theaters to see what it was like.

And still nobody wanted it.

I'll happily eat my words if I end up being wrong, but I think that VR is going to flop hard.

ZeroX98761188d ago

3D wasn't that great quality wise. You can see the difference vs watching regular TV, but not comparable to having your FOV completely submerged into a game. I'm buying a VR on launch no matter what the reviews says, I want to experience it myself and give an honest opinion to my friends who are sceptical about the product.

What I'm seriously hoping for is to be able to view live events with it. For example, watching a real live sports game with my VR or a music show! being able to change position to get a better angle. Maybe I'm pushing it too far, but I think it would be awesome!

SteamPowered1188d ago

After watching a 3D movie on the DK2, I am pretty confident to say 3D movies may make a comeback. Since the HMD's show you 2 completely different images and doesnt rely on active/passive 3d glasses, the quality is amazing. No more cross-stalk or eye strain.

I think VR will be amazing and popular. The momentum behind it is incredible. 3D tvs cant really be compared to VR. Tv is like looking through a window, VR is being there.

Wedge191188d ago

His quote is saying that 3D is just added depth. It doesn't entirely change the experience. You can't walk around to the other side of the TV. Whereas VR completely changes the way we partake the medium. Once people realize that, VR has a much better chance of catching on.

Dir_en_grey1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

I wanted 3D but it was just too expensive for the quality it had. It was a rich man's toy. Since for most people once you have a TV you won't need to get another one.

The old 3D blurays probably won't work on Morpheus because of how 3D was displayed, but I am really hoping somehow they make it work. It'll make buying Morpheus that much sweeter being able to access all the 3D movie libraries w/ better quality because the images will actually be displayed in each eye.

Really crossing my fingers...

UnHoly_One1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

So you guys would actually use this to watch a movie?

I can't imagine using VR for that, but then again I never watch a movie alone, either. And VR will inherently be an "alone only" kind of thing, as it seals out the outside world when you put it on.

For that matter, I never game alone either. I mean, I may be playing solo, but there is usually another person around that I need to be able to see, hear, and talk to.

That is the main reason why I don't see it taking off at all. It is isolationist by default.

15 years ago when I was living alone I would have wanted to try it, now I would never use it.

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bunt-custardly1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )


"So the best way is to get as many people to try Project Morpheus, and once we release it, people who purchased Morpheus (will) want to show it off to your friends or colleagues, and so will create this network of word of mouth.

Before the launch, we need to — well, have to — bring Morpheus in some events, or in some, y’know, like in shopping malls or places that people go (to), and to really try to see what it is people are talking about."

And this is VR's biggest marketing conundrum.

If you rely in word of mouth you're likely to get more loud mouths spouting negative vibes than positive, that's just the way things are especially via the Internet.

VR isn't a shopping mall experience. It's too isolated and personal so not an ideal platform to showcase VR.

So how will Sony tackle this problem? 3D was bundled with many new TVs as an extra and people could experience it at the cinema for £10. VR doesn't have the luxury.

In relation to the article Yoshida is naturally going to talk "good things" about VR Just like Sony talked good things about 3D TVs.

I reiterate what I've said in the past numerous times. No matter how great VR is for gaming it's always going to be a hard sell.

excaliburps1189d ago

Yeah, VR can't be demoed normally. Even using gameplay videos, etc.

Not only that, but there's the health issues, too. I don't doubt VR will get a lot of people dizzy and maybe even worse for prolonged hours of play.

uth111188d ago

They need to go the mall/best buy route to allow as many people to try it as possible.

aerisbueller1188d ago

yes, and gamestop, wal-mart, and everywhere that sells consoles that has ever had demo units in their stores.

SteamPowered1188d ago

Word of mouth will be pretty easy to spread with Social Media nowadays. Morpheus has impressed so far. All it takes is one killer IP and it will take off.

VR isnt just for gaming. The PGA tour is being filmed in VR. Movies are using VR to promote their new films. History channel is spending big bucks on a VR feature. Disney has built a new studio strictly for VR titles.

bunt-custardly1188d ago

As I said, social media also has the downside of promoting negativity in far louder voices - it's the nature of the beast unfortunately. Once people jump on the motion sickness bandwagon, these stories/pov are likely to shadow any positive reactions.

gangsta_red1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Well he's definitely not going to say it will fail.

But price, games and consumer interest will really play a huge factor in how big of a success VR is.

Immorals1188d ago

Difference is, 3d was only 100 quid extra on my 50inch, and its also smart.

Morpheus is an extra 300+, its a higher risk.

Im sure it'll be great, but not every consumer is ready to back it without solid games to play!

Wedge191188d ago

We don't know pricing yet. Sony could surprise us. We'll see.

Immorals1188d ago

£300 is the lowest i can see. Seeing as RRP for a bloody controller is £55..

psplova1188d ago

Hey, I love my 3D tv! lol

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