Alleged MAJOR PS3 Announcement Nothing To Do With SCEE News

Reports of a MAJOR PlayStation3 first-party announcement to take place on August 3rd have recently hit the net; however, it seems SCEE doesn't have a clue what it could possibly be.

An article on a Playstation blog that we've never come across before until today has whipped fanboys into a stupor, suggesting that the game will be a sequel to an existing title but sporting a new look and gameplay features. To add even more hype to the claims, the original article suggests it will easily surpass the likes of Killzone 2, MAG, and inFamous

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BigKev453678d ago

S**t Kickers for the PS3 will be shown.

cloudman3678d ago

yeh i was depressed when i found out FF13 will be coming to 360

Thn they said PS3 version wont be compreseed.

that made me mroe dperessed becuase they just lied to me again. they lied once and they can lie again.

Also it will be delayed. Nomura said "how can it be delayed if we never had a date for it". meaning it will be dleayed mroe than it should have

power of Green 3678d ago

They're going to put the 360 version of FF13 on one disc ;)

cmrbe3677d ago

i doubt you want to see only the credits.

conjurdevil3678d ago

Heavenly Sword 2....I dont know why but I have this strong feeling this might be it!Think about it ! it all adds up!

DarkBlade3678d ago

Can you pls tell me what add up to give you HS2.

StephanieBBB3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Everyone just stop getting excited ffs! If it turns out to be nothing big we have a whole new era of PS3 bashing coming our way. Save it for August 3 instead...

poopsack3678d ago

Im sure it was the vehicles clue, no wait bullets. artillery? miltary?

BattleAxe3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Could it be a next gen Syphon Filter?

kosha3678d ago

Battle axe yeah i heard they were working on a next gen syphon filter

Lifendz3678d ago

but it's got me pumped up.

gaffyh3678d ago

I don't think it is a sequel, cos it says new exclusive. And I don't think it will be a major announcement of the game is a sequel. Unless they end up saying Gears of War 2 exclusive to PS3.

killax35633678d ago

or Ico 2. I think its one of the two.

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DarkBlade3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

An exclusive SCEE doesn't know about. 0_o? I know who does....... it's Phil Harrison!!! *Gasp*

Fishy Fingers3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

If they knew would you expect them to say so? "Yeah, the rumours are true, you wont tell anyone now will you?" - SCEE

DarkBlade3678d ago

Good point. Bubbles for you.

PoSTedUP3678d ago

thats how much stuff sony has up it sleeve : P

Playstation Man3678d ago

August 1-2 (Square party) and 3 (announcement) are going to be the 3 most depressing days of my life as a gamer. I mean it!

butterfinger3678d ago

We can hold on to hope, my friend:)

fenderputty3678d ago

Why is anyone getting pumped up about this stuff. We know what's coming. We know there's cool stuff being shown behind closed doors. Who cares if these rumors are true or not. Don't get pumped about this crap and you won't ever be let down.

True Sony Fanboy3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

If you pump your self up for what could be instead of what is, you only make a pitfall for yourself.

@Steven Colbert: How does my comment make me a 360 Fanboy... anytime you pump your hope on anything not official you are just setting yourself up. If a stranger just came up to you and told you he was talking to the Dodge company and they where gonna give you a Viper would you believe him. No, because until you hear the official word from them it makes no sense to get extremely excited over something that has not become.

Darkiewonder3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

I hope the August 3rd stuff is all fake. then we can ban from this site.

TheColbertinator3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

@True Sony fanboy *sighs* another fuk*n troll account

WATCH OUT FOR TRUE SONY FANBOY!just another 360 fanboy in disguise

Unreal013678d ago

How is 'True Sony Fanboy' a 360 fanboy now?! He just said exactly what I'm thinking...and I'm no fanboy :S

I agreed with you dude ;)

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