Techland takes a jab at Destiny's Red Bull Promotion

Rely on Horror: Bungie's upcoming The Taken King expansion for Destiny has already rustled the feathers of folks because of its asking price, but today's announcement has added more fuel to the fire against them and publisher Activision. It was revealed that The Taken King will have an exclusive mission locked away in Red Bull cans (and extra XP).

Techland, developer of Dead Island and more recently Dying Light, joined in on the internet ribbing by posting their very own beverage-based promotion for Dying Light content: water.

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Dewitt1240d ago

IGN gives this 7.8 too much water

Bansai1240d ago

They got burned by... water xD

FarEastOrient1239d ago

I love these companies throwing jabs at each other :)

Immorals1240d ago

That's fantastic. It'll also get people to drink something other than mountain dew, even if just for a minute!

Oschino19071240d ago

But Diet Double Dew only has half the sugar and caffeine of Double Dew. Dew the math!

FullmetalRoyale1240d ago

It IS the only diet with DEW in it...

Eidolon1240d ago

pretty funny and cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.