Chun-Li's Bouncy Breasts Baffle Street Fighter Fans at E3

New footage of game play from  Capcom's highly anticipated S treet Fighter V was unveiled during an E3 live stream this week, giving fans a fresh look at some of the franchise's most popular characters in action. And yet, excited as they were, the action proved a bit too much for some viewers, particularly in the region of Chun-Li's chest.

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Kingthrash3601150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

They be like...what are thos hypnotizing things??!!
Lol naw seriously...chun, chun is a fictional character based on a Chinese Kung-fu master who happens to be a girl...girls have breasts...breasts move, especially when doing the splits upside down and floating across the what's the big's like nobody has played all other fighting games that have movement like Mai, she's been hypnotizing people for decades..or DOA, I think even the guys have chest just why are people making a huge deal over something as trivial as this. She's not even showing cleavage...smh. Honestly I didn't even notice...guess the dudes who did were looking for them to off to YouTube I go to check it out...ya know before someone red flags it. Smh

MrSwankSinatra1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

The actual fact is that it's a glitch and it only happens if player 2 selects chun li. Capcom said it will be fixed when the final product is released. Which I'm inclined to believe because during actual gameplay chun li's boobs don't jiggle the way they jiggle at the select screen.

1149d ago
FamilyGuy1149d ago

I've seen real breast jiggle like that before, it's not 100% "unrealistic". The big difference being that when I saw it the girl was naked and in a... dog-like position and some force was continuously rocking her from behind.

Point being, I've seen it. This is a pretty funny glitch though. lol

Army_of_Darkness1149d ago

Fans complaining about chun li's boobs. shut your face.

Rodney251149d ago

They stated that its a glitch that only happens on the 2nd player side.

HammadTheBeast1149d ago

Also, since when was Brianna Wu a street fighter fan, everyone knows she's just a SJW riding the wave of gamergate, and I really doubt anyone like Justin Wong or the pro players have issues with it.

thejigisup1149d ago

Fer real though. Why do the femenists even get a say, have they watched any of the other videos on this game? Its a glitch, it's not intended but it happened. Move on.

jeenyus1149d ago

I didn't know who she was, but after using Google I deeply regret the horrible stuff I have seen.

rainslacker1149d ago

I honestly didn't even notice until I read this article. I think some people focus on the wrong thing during game reveals....unless it's DOA in which case the boobs would have been the actual reveal.

Makroyale1149d ago

Clearly she doesn't own a set like this... Can you imagine how often she complains about "Lucky woman" in real life??!!?

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Bimkoblerutso1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

In all all fairness...they did look ridiculous, even for "boob physics". I like boobs, but I'm glad it's just a glitch they're fixing.

IamTylerDurden11149d ago

Really? Please stop. This is a loop on a character selection screen ru effing kidding? A cartoonish character with cartoonish boob physics on a character selection screen, how the fu** is ANYONE offended by this? I honestly could care less but if i had to choose i'd say keep it bc...Boobs are awesome? It's amusing i guess, but wth is wrong with ppl begging for it to be fixed? Someone literally said on twitter that they are no longer interested in the game bc if friends were over and saw this they would be so humiliated - ru a joke? I guess you same ppl flipped over Dragons Crown huh? This is why gamergate is ridiculed, dumb sh** like this.

I'm sorry for the juvenile language but i think ppl tend to forget these are "games", exaggerated fighting games with bulging muscles and unrealistic character models. Do u take issue with the fighting physics being unrealistic as well? Have u seen anime lately? Ever? Japanese devs/producers like crazy boobs/boobie physics, news flash.

Bimkoblerutso1149d ago

I don't recall saying I was offended by it. It would be the same as leaving the crazy head rotating bug in Fallout New Vegas, or something like that.

Cut it out with your reactionary BS. I'm not a feminist, you idiot. I just thought it looked stupid.

blackblades1149d ago

These day people bs about everything. It's kinda annoying, they need to be quite sometimes cause they making a fool of themselves.

hankmoody1149d ago

Where have you ever seen a pair of breasts move in this fashion while the owner of the breasts in questions is standing still? Leave the ridiculous boobage to the DOA series, this is just pathetic.

PaleMoonDeath1148d ago

These folk are complaining about boobs.. Oh god this generation is sincerely messed up, literally anything for attention.

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Nonscpo1149d ago

It's alright folks it was just a bug:

Nothing to see here folks, move along, move along ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Artemus1149d ago

Exactly. The proof that this is a glitch is that it only happens on the player 2 side, there's a ton of footage of the game being played at E3 where you can see this, but stupid SJWs and their outrage culture were too quick to overreact, as usual. *sigh*

SmokingMonkey1149d ago

It's like grabbing a bag of sand...right guys...bag of sand.


OT: One man's glitch is another man's treasure.

BlackTar1871149d ago

You see that guy who said he doesn't want to play the game anymore because his friends will question him

You gotta love how dramatic some people are and if that wasn't drama how sad some people are.

waltyftm1149d ago

Guys friends " dude you seen Chuns funbags"
Guy "Yeah sorry"
Gutys friend " pervert"
Guy " i hope Jessica and Cody dont find out"
Haggar " awww yeaaahh"

waltyftm1149d ago

Chun Li looks great in SFV, and that article picture is Quality, imo the more bounce per ounce.