Warner Bros Owes The PC Gaming Community An Unconditional Apology Over Batman: Arkham Knight

Does launching a working version of Batman : Arkham Knight to a larger console base absolve Warner Bro from honouring its commitments to a relatively less lucrative PC fanbase?

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DxTrixterz1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

Free season pass would be nice apology.

Maltaze1150d ago

Think that's the least they can do tbh.

Cindy-rella1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

They already knew the pc gaming community wont support their game as much as the console gaming community so they put little support in the pc port. Why is it a shock that the pc version is terrible at the moment when this happens a lot with pc ports. Im a pc gamer that decided to get a ps4 this generation because of lack of game support on pc and other problems that consoles dont have much of. Ps4 has the best version of this game right now. A lot of pc gamers like to talk about how pc gaming is cheaper but all they do is wait to buy games on sale. Pc games are cheaper most of the time but doesnt sell much

Master of what? Glad i have a ps4

slappy5081150d ago

@cindy. I know right? PC gaming is so dead with it's 120 million active steam users and the sales that the PC gaming generates is so awful it surpassed the software sales of the consoles combined according to this report from 2014

I could also go on about how certain open world gAmes like the witcher can't even maintain a stable 30 fps on ps4 but that would be childish. There should be no excuse for bad ports, every platform deserves to have a game made to the fullest of it's capabilities . I don't mind if Arkham knight was made a console exclusive just don't release crap ports, no one deserves to get deceived like this

Testfire1150d ago

@Cindy, so screw the people that paid $60+ on a broken game right? No gamer in any platform deserves this treatment. One persons money is just as good as the next guys and they should be treated the same.

LostDjinn1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

Well that was just a staggering combination of verbal diarrhea and fanboy stupid. Well done Cindy, now please grow up.

Nobody deserves a broken game.

OT: This is just another example of the contempt some pub's have for gamers. It really is unacceptable. I fear the game may be too far gone for a quick fix. All I can say is good luck selling your next game to pc gamers WB.

Edit: I just read their official response to those affected. Not a smart move WB. That's going to come back and bite you.

guyman1150d ago

Cindy-rella is living in a delusional fairytale

Cindy-rella1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

Pc gamers should know what it is to be a pc gamer so they shouldnt be shocked by what is happening with batman pc port. In this day and age consoles are catered to more than pcs because thats where majority of sales are going to be for like 95percent of games. Games are made with consoles in mind first and foremost majority of the time. Most games are made for controllers as well and because of these facts i bought a ps4. A lot of pc ports are just shoddy console version of games and the reason why is because developers dont want to invest a lot of money into a version of a game that wont sell a lot. Watch the PC E3 conference to see how relevant pc gaming is.

I bought a ps4 because im sick of shoddy pc ports for a lot of games or waiting to see if certain games will come to pc. If youre a pc gamer and you are shocked that batman is in the state its in then i don't know what to say. I saw the writing on the wall.

@ Slappy-
Pc gaming revenue is mostly because of f2p games, dota,league of legends, moba, mmo and such. Pulling out some silly article to make it seem like pc gamers buy a lot of games or even close to console gamers sales is just pathetic. Like i said, pc versions of games are often times very low compared to console versions so console gamers are catered to more. Most games are made for consoles

Two-Face1149d ago

"Why is it a shock that the pc version is terrible at the moment when this happens a lot with pc ports."

This is so far from the truth. Ground Zeroes, Dying Light, Witcher 3, Alien Isolation, Metro Redux, Wolfenstein, GTA V are all far more superior on PC.

Most of the best multiplatform games are better on PC.

The only crappy PC ports I can think of in recent times are Mortal Kombat X and Batman Arkham Knight, both which are from Warner Bros, and occassionally some Ubisoft games.

slappy5081149d ago

You're making the same sweeping generalizations II keep seeing from fanboys. Not all PC gamers play moba or f2p games , I certainly don't. Your comment makes it hard for me to believe you were a PC gamer as you claim.
Console versions are superior? You've clearly forgotten about just about every recent Digital Foundry analysis there was.
You like playstation? That's fine, I like playstation too I keep it for the exclusives. I must be be nuts playing all multiplatform games on my PC the inferior version

JazMac341149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

@ Cindy-rella

It's interesting you talk about pc ports being shitty.

Your games are generally 30 fps capped (not even stable regularly) and it's a sigh of relief when you get 1080p. The few games that you do have at 60 fps have a high variance in their fps and the resolution gimped.

Lets look at some game examples;

Watch Dogs PC - poor performance and lack luster visuals are the two main issues usually brought up but even at its worst, it still performed and looked better than your console equivalent.

Assassin's Creed Unity - was shitty for every platform but still performed a lot better on PC than your console equivalent.

Witcher 3 - If the console version of this game were to have been released on PC, the outrage would be tenfold compared to the situation we have with Arkham Knight. Sub 20 fps in several areas just like the batman game.

Tomb Raider, Far Cry 4, Shadows of Mordor and many more if any if your versions came out on PC we would be shitting over all of them for being terrible ports.

Your argument holds no water as the bar that consoles set for good is the bar that PCs set for worse than terrible.

The PS4 is literally unplayable as a platform for me it's that rubbish.

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Braid1150d ago

For a game that's hardly playable at its current state? I don't think so.

Keep your apology, and just fix the damn thing as soon as you can, before people beat the game on the consoles and move on to another game.

If you can't provide that, well, your apology's not accepted.

Poroz1150d ago

Then the people that bought the season pass would get shafted.........Again....... lol

SuperbVillain1150d ago

that sucks i just got my first gaming pc a month ago was hoping to try it out with this...looks like im still on battlefield 4 even nobody is ever on

--bienio--1150d ago

Try The Witcher 3 looks amazing on Pc.

Poroz1150d ago

I 2nd this motion. Witcher 3 on PC will totally test your PC rig.

Feralkitsune1149d ago

>looks like im still on battlefield 4 even nobody is ever on

Nobody on? How many people do you need playing to find a game?

SuperbVillain1149d ago

Yes, I enjoy conquest and TDM but I really would like to play Defuse on the PC but I have not been able to find 1 server for a defuse match on PC and it's been a month

warrior821150d ago

this goes to show why consoles are a better option than a PC

Lamboomington1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

Absolutely, you hit the nail right on the head.

Now please go away.

SteamPowered1150d ago

Arguing with a fool only proves there are two.

I dont waste time on trolls.

Eiffel1150d ago

Consoles are better because of a publisher and developer's own incompetence?


T9001149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

So dips down to 15-20fps on console are all of a sudden better lol ok.

Grap1149d ago

It's really sad when people shoot for the dirt my friend have it on ps4 and even this version isn't all sunshine it have stutter and sometimes goes down to 20FPS.

jc485731150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

didn't WB just say that PC gamers were a bunch of cry babies? There was an article here somewhere.

Lamboomington1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

They can start by patching in the rain texture effects ? you know, one of the basic, core visual effects in the game we've seen in every gameplay presentation, that happens to be completely missing from the PC version ? LOL

Along with the Ambient Occlusion and the normal resolution textures ofcourse.

You know, the least you could do is bring the PC version to par with the console version graphically. Funny how it runs bad even though it's actually missing grahpical features.

Oh right, and remove the 30 fps cap. XD

What a joke.

DxTrixterz1150d ago

Can't you remove 30fps cap in the .ini file?

Feralkitsune1149d ago

It breaks the game if you do. The game isn't coded well at all. So the moment you remove the cap things start to get fucky.

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