NGB | E3 2015: Virtuix Omni – The Day I Nearly Threw Up at E3

NGB Wrote: "Some final thoughts. Do we really need to be physically walking in virtual worlds to make them believable? I’d wager that the virtual words we have inside our screens right now are actually pretty immersive and somewhat believable. VR will probably carve it’s own niche, we may well be wearing wacky headsets and be pointing plastic guns around in a not too distant future (we kinda already do the gun thing) but we will also be navigating these virtual worlds by turning with an Oculus and moving forward with a good old fashioned analogue stick."

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SaveFerris1120d ago

Looks interesting though I think the majority of gamers would prefer to be sitting down. Also, I'd like to see someone play COD on this just to see how they execute a 360 no scope kill. I could imagine that a match could tire out quite a few players.