Top 5 Canadian-made Games at E3 2015

Can Gamer - Since all the conference centers in Saskatchewan were booked with grain elevator conventions and ploughing exhibitions, E3 (The Electronics Entertainment Expo) took place in sunny Los Angeles, California. While Canadian developers may have been showing off their hard work on foreign soil, that doesn`t mean that Canadian developers didn`t make a massive impression on the convention. Here are the top 5 Canadian-made games that made a proper Canadian splash at E3 2015.

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spicelicka903d ago

Let's not forget For honor and Gears of war 4! We got some damn talented developers here.

GT67903d ago

What is this?? (1930) Mickey mouse with cup head animation turned into side scrolling game . great but not innovating , or genius . all they did took something old slap it into 2016 timeline.

spicelicka903d ago

It's an art style....

It's hand drawn and done by 2 freakin people. It's not easy to pull off a style like that, and the gameplay itself is amazing from the people who have played it.

You could make that comment about any gamem Mass effect for example. What is this?? (2415) Star trek turned into a video game. all they did took something old slap it into 2016 timeline.

WizzroSupreme903d ago

Canada has some pretty talented people indeed.

coolbeans903d ago

Yeah, a lot of great indie devs have been popping up around there too.

SporadikStyles903d ago

Game dev is another reason I'm proudly Canadian!