Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5: Online Play, Park Creator Details

Josh Tsui on Jun 24, 2015 // President, Robomodo:

Not sure if you watched all the news out of E3, but Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 is real. Very real. Today we have a new “behind the scenes” trailer with yours truly, a bunch of guys from my team, Tony Hawk himself, and some of the in-game skate pros.

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TheSuperior 1241d ago

Used to love these games. Seems so weird to see it again.

ArchangelMike1241d ago

This looks like they're developing for the PS3. I sure hope that wasn't the next gen version?!

psplova1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

lol. No it doesn't. I saw Tony Hawk explaining the ins and outs of his new game and I thought damn, if I were him I wouldn't have allowed this out of development as early as it has been released to the public, much less be seen in public, ON CAMERA, talking it up. (and yes I know he doesn't decide that sort of thing, but if my namesake was attached to a project this bad looking, i'd have reservations) I know graphics aren't everything but man, this looks TERRIBLE for a current gen game.

noxeven1241d ago

I feel like the glowing board is a cheat you turn on and some how I feel like there gonna add a skateboard attachment at the last minute.

nevin11241d ago

Tony Hawk looks like a Zombie.

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The story is too old to be commented.