E3 2015 Showed Us The Industry Is Growing Up; Accepting Female Audiences

Cinelinx: "The gaming industry has grown and expanded in so many ways that you expect there to be issues. One of the biggest issues the industry has faced recently is the female audience and how to include them. Games have included female characters in the most absurd ways you can think of, think old school comics of the 90’s, and a big group of gamers want actual female characters. This caused problems, why is it every time we pick up a game we have to play as a male character? Why can't there be a game where female characters are not almost always, well, sex toys? Thankfully E3 2015 is heading in the right direction and we can see the industry cares."

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Nonscpo999d ago

"I’m not here to bring politics to the table or push the industry to force feed us female characters, or to make games that utilize them correctly against their will. I feel that, for a while now, we have highlighted time and time again that the industry hasn’t exactly been accepting to female fans. We see posts about it all the time. Every time a scantily dressed female character shows up in a game there are dozens of articles talking about how it’s wrong and how the industry needs to “grow up.” Well guess what? E3 just showed that it did!"

If you even have to write a paragraph to deflect the nature of your article then I'd argue that in fact No! This article is very much political and undermines anything that has happened in past E3's. Guess what the gaming industry was already and remains an inclusive hobby, congratulations your opinion has added nothing constructive to this conversation.

Brotard999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

This article was the shed light on a subject that has been an issue for quite some time. Not to stir argument. Console gaming alone is over a 50 billion dollar industry. Think about the size of that and tell me it's really inclusive. This article was simply pointing out the fact that it is now catering to a wider audience and that's great. If you can't accept growth, that's unfortunate, because growth brings in more mony bringing in more games!

@nonscpo sorry busy day, misunderstanding the edit. It is pretty inclusive but it can only get better basically.

And there almost are gatekeepers preventing women from playing,developing games. They come in the form of death threats, rape threats, publishing of the women address. thats pretty terrifying, I probably wouldn't try if i knew that was a possibility. But i don't have to worry about that stuff.

Nonscpo999d ago

It is inclusive! There are no gatekeepers preventing women from playing, developing, or publishing any game of there choosing. We vote with our wallet's and that's what makes this hobby democratic, yes there are games that aren't meant for general audiences, and that's cause when you appeal to everyone you end up appealing to no one.

spartanlemur999d ago

Oh right, because women who want to play The Witcher 3 get sent death threats to their email account by random people who don't like the fact they're doing it in their own homes :p

Honestly, I would suggest being a little more skeptical of all the rubbish slung around on the internet, and using some common sense here.

Women don't play console and PC games as much as men because they prefer TV. Interestingly, they play more mobile games than men, and also completely dominate the dating sim market (and indeed completely outnumber men when it comes to The Sims games).

We have different tastes. Shoehorning female characters or themes into games which they will not buy is inefficient and bad business. It is like Game of Thrones adding guns to appeal to people who like action movies.

Gh05t999d ago

Thats weird my parents bought the NES for my two older sisters back in the 80's... i forgot how uninclusivee gaming is. Or the fact that the first SNES i played was owned by a girl, the first Sega genisis and sonic i played, owned by a different girl, the first N64 i played was owned by a different girl... I dont remember any one of them ever complaining... but for some reason the INDUSTRY has a problem... or maybe its you people looking at the 1% of problems and making it sound like its the 99%.

There are always going to be outlier, extremist groups of any type of collection of people. The point is to recognize them as such and avoid them not give them power like they actually control you.

Soldierone999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

The subject of the article flew over your head because you have a negative view on it. The subject is that we see articles all the time state that female audiences are ignored, yet E3 showed otherwise and nobody said a thing. So why not try to highlight the positive? You would instead read another article about how MGS flashed boobs for no reason? I wouldn't, I'd rather be able to fire back at an article like that and say "Well what about all these other games that portrayed females correctly?" Which is what this is!

In fact your initial response makes absolutely no sense in regards to what you quoted at all, so either you confused yourself or didn't comprehend the subject.

"...the nature of your article then I'd argue that in fact No! This article is very much political and undermines anything that has happened in past E3's." Undermines what? Booth babes? Bayonetta style conflicts? People constantly arguing and saying woman are disrespected? YEAH it does, and guess what, it did so on purpose because this E3 did something positive and it should be showcased so people crying about female characters will step back.

Gh05t999d ago

Im sorry but the appropriate responce was no responce. That in itself speaks VOLUMES about how gamers feel about female leads... its great, we dont care, your genetilia isnt a qualification for liking or not liking a character.

By shining a light and saying hey look we made games with women in bright banners just feels like patroniizing which is the opposite effect.

UnwanteDreamz999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

Ridiculous. Nothing was done at E3 that was unusual. Including female characters in games is profitable now more than ever. If there is a shift then that is why. I don't see it myself.

3-4-5999d ago

Back when I was a kid in the 90's plenty of my friend's sisters played NES/SNES/PC games too.

It's always been for everybody, but somebody WANT to make it an issue, because they can take advantage of it for their own gains.

Nobody is saying women can't be in games or play games.

That has never been a thing.

I played games with women way back in the early 90's...and we all played the same types of games and nobody complained about them we all just had fun, no matter boy or girl , man or women.

If they could play games, and play them at a high level back in the 90's, then all this is just a bunch of made up BS, because if they could then they can now.

Nobody made a big deal about little things that weren't really an issue, everybody just enjoyed playing the games.

Way too much complaining about everything now.

999d ago
Kyosuke_Sanada999d ago

By Yevon, when will this end?!!!!

arbitor365999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

This is drivel. All these SJWs are acting like women in gaming is somehow a new thing that hasnt existed before. Which is insulting not only to deveopers but to gamers too.

The most hilarious example is that some of them have praised fallout 4 for having the option to play as female, when that has always existed in the series. Not only that, this kind of feature is in literally countless RPGs. But why would they know that? Most of these feminists and SJWs are not even gamers.

These people are realizing that the gaming world doesnt buy the BS peddled by people like Anita Sarkeesian and her bearded, hipster supporters who condemn us as a cesspool of misogyny.

So they want to flip the narrative to something more positive and act like we are finally listening to them and we are adopting their world view....... Uh, no. We arent. Piss off, you condescending, pretentious morons.

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