GameStop offer urges players to jump into current-gen of gaming

GameStop offering massive trade-in value for PS3s and Xbox 360s

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SmokingMonkey1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Can you imagine the number of 360s they are going to get this holiday?

I used to work at a Gstop, almost every Gstop is PACKED with original 360's. Due to the newer models and awesome limited consoles MS did.

They must only give $50 trade in credit for the OG 360 by now?

Rimeskeem1152d ago

it has to be over 120 gb though, I would imagine that knowing there will be BC on Xbox One that would be a major incentive on people trading in that console.

As for me, having the original $600 PS3 that I have spent thousands of hours playing on even with its 60 gb hdd. Too many good memories to sell it for now. + it can play ps2 games so it's like I own the PS2 as well :)

Sitdown1152d ago

And PS one..... Which I didn't own during its generation.

Software_Lover1152d ago

I traded in my Xbox 360 to best buy this past weekend just because of the BC announcement and the special that Best Buy was running. I purchased the white Halo MCC edition. I paid $186 after taxes.

I plan on selling the MCC code which will take the price down even more. To top it all off, some of my digital 360 games started showing up in my games list.

I say roughly $150 for a second Xbox one was't a bad deal.

bradleejones1152d ago

Its actually $40 now. I have one in my garage and was thinking of taking it in. Already have ps4 and pstv, so this $150 trade in promo isn't of use for me, unfortunately.

aLucidMind1152d ago

The original one only goes for around $30. The Slim goes for a minimum of $50, if it is a model that comes with the 250 or 320GB HDD then it will be a bit more.

iTechHeads1152d ago

What's so special about this holiday? and don't tell me your reasoning is that half-assed backwards compatibility on XB1.

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RmanX10001152d ago

Good thing they're re releasing every 7th gen game on 8th gen amirite?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

1152d ago
Summons751152d ago

Of course they will push and urge and basically force people to upgrade, they want to make a quick buck considering their company is quickly dying. With the amount they will give for the trade in on old systems will still hurt the customer because that's what gamestop does.

Sitdown1152d ago

How do they force you to upgrade? Come take you out your house?

Summons751152d ago

No, obviously, but when I worked there they told us to say anything to get people to upgrade or buy a certain system (back then they really pushed the 360 and told us to talk trash about the ps3). It was an awful company to work for.

kreate1152d ago

"back then they really pushed the 360 and told us to talk trash about the ps3"

Oh yea I remember those days..

MikePWV1152d ago

Best Buy just had a even bigger deal on old consolde trade-in's. I guess they will go out of business right after Gamestop.

Edward751152d ago


You had to be under the spell of some manager at the store... Because the company as a whole are told to give the customer what they want.

Summons751152d ago

Hahaha that's a riot. I was written up several times because I refused to do what the DM and am said and gave the customer an amazing experience. Only reason they could fire me was because of the glowing feedback and I always had the highest subs and reserves because I didn't pressure the to near harassment. GameStop is the worst.

mhunterjr1152d ago

There's no force... Trading your console in is completely optional...

It's likely that they are being so aggressive because they would like to open up more shelf space for current gen games.... The sooner they can get their last gen customers onto current gen, the sooner they can liquidate all the old games that people aren't buying and stock shelves with the hotter products...

rainslacker1152d ago

Weird, outside of one instance of some a**hole fan boy, I've never felt them pressuring me to buy or upgrade anything. I mean, how do they force people to make a purchase? Sometimes they can be annoying asking if you want all their extra things, but I just politely decline and that's pretty much the end of it. I don't get mad at them for doing their job any more than I get mad when the guy at McDonalds asks me if I want some fancy coffee with my Big Mac.

Trying to upsell a particular product is just the way retail is, and I've been to different stores which lean one way or the other, so I can't imagine it's corporate policy to push one console over another. I doubt they told you lie to get a customer to upgrade. If your manager did that, sounds like a crappy manager.

Spotie1151d ago

In my two years working for GameStop, we were NEVER told to do such things. Granted, the company has definitely lost touch, but I personally never encountered anything like what you're describing.

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Forum_Pirate1152d ago

**** no. I don't care if I could give them my PS3 and get the PS4 for free and PS+ for life, not happening.

Emulating as PS3 borders on impossible atm (it's definitely impossible for my computer,) and there are just too many good games I need to play or will go back to replay later.

ShaunCameron1152d ago

I'll jump into current-gen gaming when the PS4 and XBox One have some games I can consider worth giving a hoot about. Until then, my Wii U will suffice.

iTechHeads1152d ago

lol keep fighting the good fight

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