So Much Digital Content, So Little Space

As digital content continues to expand and monopolize the physical gaming market, one begins to think: why is my fairly new console not equipped for this growing digital world?

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were released to consumers far after the digital content market began to rise and take over the industry. How is it that these two consoles of the new generation do not include at least a terabyte of storage space? Is this a strategy to force consumers to purchase external hard drives to keep up? Some would say, yes.

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Canipa1266d ago

It's ridiculous! As harddrives go up, file sizes seem to go even further. No effort put into condensing these days.

Romudeth1266d ago

I was beefing about this on Twitter as well. If I buy a disk, why the hell do I have to install so much into the system? It makes buying anything physically redundant.

jv19911266d ago

Is it so much different if you buy a disc or digital for GB? And i do hope we keep getting disc i dont want everything digital only