“The Division” Screenshot Used For “Terminator Genisys” Concept Art

Gamers thumbing through the concept art featured in the upcoming book, Terminator Genisys: Resetting the Future, may be feel a sudden sense of Déjà vu for Ubisoft’s upcoming open world third-person shooter.

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SaveFerris1147d ago

So the 'artist' couldn't even be bothered creating something original themselves and just did a 'copy and paste'?

AnotherProGamer1146d ago

Thats what a lot of concept artist do, look at Destiny logo and its a taken from somewhere else

OhMyGandhi1146d ago

looks like the artist disagreed with you.

dead_pixels1146d ago

Lol. That was actually the first thing I thought to myself when I saw that.

wakeNbake1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

Yeah the urban rebel looks out of place with the robots for sure.

listenkids1146d ago

Heh, I was discussing this at work yesterday. How someone creating artwork for a movie would overlook the fact gamers would pick up on it is crazy.

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