Maybe the Final Fantasy 7 remake is a bad idea

Do we really need a modern Square Enix to take on remaking what many consider to be the greatest video game of all time?

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kalkano1091d ago

The only thing the modern Final Fantasy's have gotten wrong (IMO) is the gameplay. Yes, that's the most important part of a game, and SquareEnix has been getting it wrong ever since they inexplicably tried to reinvent the wheel after FFX. But, that's part of the reason this has been asked for. We want them to get back to the type of gameplay that was featured in FF7, remember why it was so great, and re-inject it into the future of the series.

Unfortunately, it's more likely that SquareEnix will simply inject their terrible new gameplay into the remake, making it unplayable, and destroying the entire point of the remake, as well as the future of their own franchise.

Magicite1091d ago

You are wrong, FF games had great gameplay all the time, issue was in story/characters/atmosphere.

Irishguy951091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

All i remember from the days of FF4-10 is "Wow imagine if this was real time!".

I get you want to keep FF the way it is kalkano, but you know...You should really stop calling action RPG's "Terrible gameplay". Cause you know...alot of those games are widely regarded as amazing games.

You're telling me the withcer 3, Dark souls etc? All have terrible gameplay? Max - Zorin, what do the 'fans' want? Theres no way to collectively decide what the overall fanbase wants, FF is my favorite series hands down. But I don't want to play FF7 with only upgraded graphics. Although I certainly would. I would like a more fun combat system, less tedious monster encounters etc.

Just because they were 'doing it wrong' after FFX doesn't mean they will keep 'doing it wrong'. Action RPG's are great games. FFXV looks great. Feedback on the demo was great. Kingdom hearts has been recieved VERY well. Again, I get you want FF to stick to its turn based. But well, yeah. Theres nothing wrong with action RPG's.

Whats the difference between FFXIII and FFX? FFXIII had a BETTER combat system. But the rest of the gameplay sucked. There was no other gameplay. Try and play a turn based RPG with nothing but the combat as the gameplay(FFXIII). Its terribly boring. However an action game can actually keep you entertained all the way through. On its combat alone.

The general consensus on FFXV is that its doing something right. The general consensus on Type 0 and crisis core are that they are great games. The only beef you have is that FF has changed. Not for the worse, just changed. You don't like change.

As for FFXIII series. Its simple, don't let Toriyama direct a game. He's terrible at it. This is why Nomura is lead on FF7 remake, FFXV, KH. And now the guy who directed FF12, FF9 and Type 0 is the director of FFXV. Toriyama is a good dev, but **** knows he failed as a director. That is all. Also, FF7RE will NOT be turn based. What world are you living in? S-E are going real time and thats it. Nomura with his "FF versus will be more realistic so its real time", now "The remake will be more realistic". Its simple.

kalkano1091d ago

"All i remember from the days of FF4-10 is "Wow imagine if this was real time!"."

I literally did not hear a single person say that. What I did hear was "imagine if the whole game looked like the movie plays (what FMVs used to be called)". We now have entire games that look BETTER than those FMVs, but we lost the gameplay.

"You should really stop calling action RPG's "Terrible gameplay". "

I didn't say that.

"Theres no way to collectively decide what the overall fanbase wants,"

All evidence points to turn-based. Yes, some people want it to go action and never go back. But, they're the minority. Look at polls on any website, and even FACEBOOK which is very mainstream. Every single conversation I've had in real life has reflected the same.

" I would like a more fun combat system, less tedious monster encounters etc."

FF7's battle system is extremely fun. If by "tedious" you mean random encounters, I'm fine with removing those.

"Action RPG's are great games."

Some of them are. Does that mean every RPG should be action? NO! Some turn-based RPGs are ALSO great games.

"Feedback on the demo was great."

From the people who are already on board with the game, and purchased Type-0. That's a TINY portion of the FF community.

"Theres nothing wrong with action RPG's."

Nor is there anything wrong with turn-based RPGs.

"Whats the difference between FFXIII and FFX? FFXIII had a BETTER combat system. "

Wholeheartedly disagree. X's combat system was VASTLY superior.

Everything you say at the end comes down to personal preference. I disagree with all of it. Stop claiming it as fact.

Haru1091d ago

Agreed with everything you said 100%, glad they finally moved to real time combat, whoever wants to play turn based combat games can play on their phones or DS

Spotie1090d ago

The most important part of a game like Final Fantasy would be everything story-based. The characters, the world, etc. Gameplay is, for an RPG, just a vessel to get you through the story.

I think you give too much importance to the nostalgia factor at play in the desire for VII's remake. I don't care if it's turn-based. There are plenty of non turn-based jrpgs out there that are very good. It won't kill the game if VII tries something other than its original battle system.

Sorry, but the gameplay- as far as the battle system is concerned- is most likely the last thing that people look to when calling it a great game. The Materia system? Sure, but there's nothing about a more action-oriented system that would negate that.

Your hatred for action in a jrpg won't make this game bad. It'll just ruin your chances of enjoying the game if they happen to go that route, and they most likely will.

3-4-51090d ago

* RPG's need Likeable characters that we actually care about and ones that are NOT annoying.

That right there can make an ok game be loved by many.

* RPG's starting adding really cringeworthy annoying "cutesy" characters that just take away from the overall atmosphere of some of the modern RPG's.

* If you don't care about the characters, it's difficult to care about their adventure.

One game that managed this well was Dragon Quest 9, which let you create your entire party, which IMO was amazing. Then, it was about MY story with my crew and not just about one character then....too me at least.

FF7 will be fine....In fact I think it will be better.

We are going to get to know more about the characters and world they live in.

I'm hoping they go book style on us and just open up the details and explanations of everything.

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ThatEnglishDude1091d ago

The tone of the game appears to be far darker than the original game, which while containing scenes featuring mature themes and often provocative scenarios, it was also rather light hearted - and at times, batshit insane.

Some things weren't meant to see in true 3D, I believe FFVII is one of them.

kalkano1091d ago

They didn't show the parts that weren't dark. Most of what they showed was Midgar, which had a dark tone.

averagejoe261091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

Please show us where you've seen footage of the game and its darker tone?

Because all the rest of us have seen is a vague trailer which shows nothing.

pompombrum1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

Going by the trailer, it did feel darker to me. I think a darker tone is a given though anyway, there is just too many dark moments in the game for it not to feel darker with better visuals. The cutesy character models and graphics in general masked a lot of the darkness. As long as it still contains the comic relief moments and fun crazy antics, I'll be happy.

KwietStorm1091d ago

There was always a dark tone in Final Fantasy VII, or at the very least, that ever present feeling of doom. Yea there was the usual Japanese quirky things here and there, and the script kept it entertaining, but the entire story was definitely not a happy one, especially in Midgar.

DaddyPoppa1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

Calling FF7 the greatest game of all time is the moment i realized you still had your nostalgia goggles on, Its still debatable if its the best game in the series let alone if its the best game (regardless the genre) ever. The FF7re will be fine just judge it off its own merits and not the merit of how well it holds up to your nostalgia.

goldwyncq1091d ago

Everyone has their own best game ever. Not really that surprising for someone to consider FFVII as the best game they ever played.

DaddyPoppa1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

Then call it your favorite game ever theres a difference bettween favorite game and best game....My FAVORITE game ever is Persona 3 Fes, would I say its the BEST game ever? no

BlackTar1871091d ago


There is no Factual best game ever so i'm not sure where you're going with this. You favorite game should also be your best game ever. Why would anything be your favorite and then in your mind not be the best?

DaddyPoppa1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

My original comment was never meant to be taken as anything more than me stating the flaws of using the word best when in actuality you mean your most cherished or favorite (insert whatever here) ever. Im just the type of person that hates when "absolute" words or phrases are used in a discussion when the topic is obviously debatable. Im the same way when it comes to sports, ill never use the phrase " X player is the best player to ever play the game" because its a statement to me that shows your ignorance to the topic at hand.

Edit: its very easy for me to say Persona 3 fes is my favorite game ever and also undertsand its not the best game ever made, In the same breath its easy for me to say lebron james is my favorite player ever and still not believe hes the best player ever.

Dasteru1091d ago

The word "Best" implies something that is quantifiable. It isn't a matter of opinion. Favorite is personal opinion.

MegaRay1091d ago

If you want the same game with "prettier" graphs, play the PS4/PC port.

kalkano1091d ago

If you want to play an action-RPG, play one. Final Fantasy 7 is turn-based.

See how easily your immature argument gets turned on you?

DaddyPoppa1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

He never said he wanted an ARPG though.....

See how easily an immature response makes you look silly?

kingdomtriggers1091d ago

Your immature put-downs are so ridiculous. I can't wait until they announce its an ARPG and you will try to convince people that it will cause the "death of the franchise." lol get a grip man.

kalkano1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

@DaddyPoppa & kingdomtriggers:

"Oh, look. He called someone immature, and I agree with him. I better call HIM immature."

Get over yourselves.

DaddyPoppa1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

Really, thats all you can come out with? Instead of admitting your wrong for calling out a guy WRONGFULLY, you instead attack others for calling you out on it by telling them to "get over themselves".....lmao you fascinate me.

kalkano1091d ago

I didn't call anyone out "wrongly". You people simply don't like being called out. Deal with it.

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pompombrum1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

If I don't have internet, should I also get a 360? I think the "just go play the PS4/PC port" is a pretty arrogant statement. Change for this is inevitable to a degree but if they stray too far from the game, it will have defeated the purpose of listening to fans and creating this game in the first place.

Max-Zorin1091d ago

Giving the fans what they want is a bad idea? I hate my generation.

Damien18011091d ago

Sometimes fans don't even know what they actually want.

BlackTar1871091d ago

Yea, something that is only found out after they get what they want and don't like it.

Kurisu1091d ago

This remake is one thing I definitely want :) it's kind of killed my hype for FFXV a bit to be honest. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the demo, and I'm sure I will feel more hyped up again when we start getting more news in regards to story etc but for now all I can think of is the FFVII Remake and how Tabata must be pissed off at Nomura for stealing his thunder!

Meanwhile Nomura is sticking his middle finger up to Tabata for taking over his project!

Quickstrike1091d ago

Actually fans do know what they want. It's stupid to give fans asking for a remake with turned based gameplay an action game to press X to win.

Besides, I guarantee there will be petitions going up to demand it to be turned based if it comes out as an action game.

Adrian_v011090d ago



It's funny how vocal people are when devs are "forcing" stuff into their games but here they are ready to force a guy (Nomura) who's not really fond of turn based systems to develop one. Funny how standards can change.

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