U.S. Senator Introduces Video Game Rating Legislation

Sen. Roger Wicker introduced a bill in the United States Senate which would:

"...prohibit the distribution or sale of video games that do not have age-based content rating labels [and] prohibit the sale or rental of video games with adult content ratings to minors..."

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Tmac3743d ago

Okay.. The ESRB is still garbage.

AZgamerB3yond3743d ago

law by law bill by bill, this country is becoming a police-state. we are losing freedoms at an alarming rate and the game industry is not in november!

Playstation Man3743d ago

a failing economy, terrible world relations and a heavy illegal immigration problem and this is what your American Government focuses on? What a joke. I wish I lived in the states so could vote Obama and slap every rascist sister-humpin' hick in the face who wants to vote McCain to stay in Iraq and watch another 4 years go by of heavy-hands-off economics kill the American economy. Honestly, they have other things to be focusing on right now.

dachiefsman3743d ago

I will have a hard time believing obama is going to do anything different. Many past presidents have talked and talked during primaries of change and how things will be different and yet it was the same crap. The problem is we American's should be voting for fresh blood to drive the bureaucrats out of Washington.

dachiefsman3743d ago

of all the bullsh*t that is happening in society, they feel it necessary to waste their time on video games. Cause the poor, sick, and homeless are definitely not as important.


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