Heroes of Legionwood: Age of Darkness - PC Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

The maker of Mythos: The beginning is back once again! Thankfully for my own sanity, Heroes of Legionwood has nothing to do with anything relating to HP Lovecraft but will still find itself within elements that are just as sinister.

“It has been 100 years since the world ended. Human civilization has been devastated by a malevolent force known only as the Darkness and only the last remnants of humanity remain. Playing the role of Locke, a young adventurer determined to save his people, you'll discover a world where your choices have consequences and every victory comes with a price. Can you stop the Darkness, or will you perish along with the rest of society, never to be heard from again?”
- Dark Gaia Studios

Heroes of Legionwood is a Fantasy tale about a person's journey to try to save the world. The reason that I’m saying “person” instead of using the provided name is that players will have the ability to create their own gendered character and choose their class. Because of its more Fantasy styled setting and graphics, Heroes of Legionwood is an RPG that in some manners made me think of Last Dream in which players had the options as to which skills they wanted to learn instead of being forced on a specific track according to their chosen class.

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