The Fan Reaction to Metroid Prime: Federation Force Was an Embarrassment to the Gaming Industry

"There is no doubt that Nintendo fans no less than expected a full Retro Sudios-developed Metroid Prime title for E3. Not only had rumors been raging for months, but this fall marks the fifth anniversary of the release of Metroid: Other M, the last main-line Metroid release. When Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event finally arrived last Tuesday, Nintendo did, in fact, announce a new Metroid title, but it was not the new Metroid title that everyone was expecting. Instead, the company revealed Metroid Prime: Federation Force, a cooperative, 3DS space shooter" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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Dan501269d ago

So a bunch of fanboys for ONE company of ONE franchise embarrasses the WHOLE INDUSTRY?

fatneal1269d ago

yes because in reality fanboys across the board are terrible.

Godmars2901269d ago

More like showing how, in trying to appeal to a wider general audience, out of touch publishers have become with fans of IP. How disconnected they've made IPs as a result.

ABizzel11269d ago

Honestly I don't know how I feel about this one. I understand where the writer is coming from, so let me explain how someone who's legitimately disappointed.

Regardless of what anyone else thinks, this is a business and the console business is about selling a product to a group of consumers who enjoy using your product. But at the end of the day it's up to the consumer whether they buy the product or not, and if you're not giving them what they want after spending $300 on your hardware, then they have every right to be upset.

There are some who will argue that they should only buy the console when the game(s) they want come out, but as fans they there to support Nintendo and buying their console in good faith, because without them the Wii U would be in a much worse position (stay with me). However, they're right these companies are here for your money and loyalty, and if they're not offering you what you want in return why are you supporting them with hundreds of dollars of your money. Who was the last person / company you gave $300 to for their product and not get what you want in return?

Exactly. Stop jumping on board with these companies if they're not support you with the content you want.

On the flip side if you go into a restaurant and order a meal (Metroid, Pokemon MMO, 3D Mario, etc...), and they bring out something you don't want or didn't ask for (Metroid Federation Force, Animal Crossing Party & Interior Designer), then you have the choice to either be an apologist and accept it, or to get up from the table and go somewhere else.

And if I was a Wii U only owner I would leave, because Nintendo just doesn't get it and they've shown they don't care what their fans think, because Nintendo thinks it knows better. And if you don't like that then leave, there are 2 other consoles out there who understand their fanbase well (1 had a slip up, but it's back), and while they don't have an abundance of games that Nintendo makes on the regular, I've personally learned that I don't need to buy a NIntendo console until there are multiple games I want and a discounted price ($200 or less) to get my moneys worth.

They have every right to be upset, because Nintendo isn't listening to its fanbase, the people that keep the lights on at the company and keep Reggie and friends fat and feed. Now the choice is up to them on whether to teach Nintendo a lesson by hitting them hard in the wallets and not support any of these games, and not buying the NX until they can prove their fans otherwise, that they are listening and they are changing for the better, and they are making the games they want.

Those who don't speak up get walked over. You don't have to complain about every little thing, but if it's something you're passionate about, speak your mind and let it be known you don't like how you're being treated, and Nintendo is not doing right by it's fans.

1 - 3 worthwhile games a year is not enough for someone who paid $300 for their still over priced hardware (thankfully I got my 32GB Deluxe for $199).

LonDonE1269d ago

U nailed it! i think itss way past the time where evenn the most die hard nintendo fan needs to speak up! well said.

Sadly its these very fans who are largely the problem and why nintendo has become so bad.

Angeljuice1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

This article is Nintendo telling its fans off via sympathetic publications;

Naughty Nintendo fans, you are supposed to react to this game the way the article tells you to.

We must remain ever aware that we are fortunate that Nintendo remains in existence despite the fact that we are all so stupid that we don't deserve them.

We are all so dumb that we fail to understand the WiiU properly and react to superior game announcements in completely the wrong way.

We are not worthy to judge the games ourselves and should simply trust Nintendo's superior wisdom and judgement on the matter.

Remember, Nintendo knows best!!!

Now go and flog yourselves 40 times each for questioning your master, you loathsome creatures.

Nintendo Official Fan Message Over

LonDonE1269d ago

Lmao so true and so funny!

Baka-akaB1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

" I understand where the writer is coming from"

Quite frankly i dont ... one of the issues here , with the press at large , especially the professional ones , is that they'd systematically side with publishers and game studios , over their readership and their well being or interest .

It goes beyond giving an opinion dissonnant and different from the fanbase , they retort systematically as well to shaming , and trying to induce guilt trip .

It makes gross assessement of the actions of a few , and then paint the whole community as idiots and unreasonable people .

In the matter at hand , the petition isnt even soaring in amount of signatures , yet somehow we should be embarassed as a whole . Screw that and screw articles like that .

It's a petition with a low amount of signature that has yet to reach its already low goal post , not representative of the millions of Metroid Prime fans , and million of Metroid fan from the older days . And yet here comes the imbeciles being sanctimonious toward the whole fandom about it

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TheTwelve1269d ago

"On many occasions, Nintendo fans have claimed that their community is pure, while the Xbox and Playstation communities are the ones that are toxic and immature. The reaction displayed last Tuesday proves that the Nintendo community is just as much, if not more, hostile and inaccessible as those seen on other platforms."

KwietStorm1269d ago

Anybody who's ever been on a message board could've told them that. Nintendo fans are just as rabid as anyone if you dare step on a mushroom.

Baka-akaB1269d ago

No one but Nintendo fanboys usually believed that yeah ... just like the other fanboys groups always paint themselves as victims of the others and the lesser offender

LOL_WUT1269d ago

That was truly a WTF moment and a slap to the face to all Metroid fans. After having watched that announcement I felt embarrassed as a Wii U owner as I was anticipating a new entry for the Wii U. ;)

Chronoman21269d ago

Fanboys are embarrassing, period. Especially when they cry like that.

topgeareasy1269d ago

this game is an Embarrassment to the Gaming Industry

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