The Elder Scrolls Online PS4 Patch 1.04 Out Now

The massive patch fixes a ton of issues on the PS4 version of the game

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Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1245d ago

I give them credit as they are working hard to fix issues. Hope it helps my PS4 playing friends.

OmegaShen1245d ago

You mean problems that should have be during the year it was on pc?

Spenok1244d ago

That's a pretty good sized amount of fixes. I need to play this more. FFXIV and Heavensward has me hooked though lol.

generalwinter1245d ago

Thank god - if you play it a lot like I have you start to see a lot of bugs. Guess its understandable for such a massive game

nucky641244d ago

do you like the game? is it like witcher3? better or worse? I've thought about getting this but I can't make up my mind - I love the souls games; bloodborne, and witcher games.

generalwinter1244d ago

It is as big and content-packed as The Witcher. Not as beautiful and the story maybe not as intriguing. But, the multiplayer obviously is a major plus. Definitely get it.

Spenok1244d ago

If you've played Skyrim than it's pretty much that but online. You can play with friends or randoms, or by yourself entirely. It's up to you how you play it. It's a very fun game with many possibilities and places to go/see. It's bigger than The Witcher 3 (it's an MMO, it should be). Though the story isn't as good as The Witcher (very few games are imo), but it's still good. I'd suggest buying it as well. Definitely worth it.

BigBosss1245d ago

Been playing this game non stop with my buddy on the PS4, great game! Thank God for this patch though, quite a massive list lol

Gameseeker_Frampt1245d ago

Another 15GB, bringing the total install size to 70GB. While I am enjoying the game, if every patch is as unoptimized as the last 2, my interest in the game will dwindle to match my remaining hard drive space.

curtis921245d ago

i'm no dev and I could be wrong but I would imagine most of that 15gb would be replacing assets currently being used, not just adding to.

ShadowKing-1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

whats supposed to happen now with download is the game will look for whats already there, this is why you see it do a percentage before the actual download begins. in this case like curtis92 said its alot of replacing and fixing items already in the game so to overwrite it it will re-download the whole patch again.

Now of course you can check what your storage is before and then after when it downloads if it goes up x amount of storage then you know its taking more space. But in this case it should just be replacing files.

generalwinter1245d ago

Hope you're right cuz I'm running out of room

Gameseeker_Frampt1244d ago

Fortunately, I was wrong and the game install size didn't go up another 15GB. The game wasn't replacing assets though, but rather this patch was a cumulative patch that included all the previous ones. The way that it was implemented meant that you had to download everything all over again (there was no looking to see what was already there as ShadowKing- posted).

I just finished downloading it.


Skate-AK1244d ago

Pretty sure Curtis is correct.

slinky1234561245d ago

Hopefully this fixes a lot. Been experiences weird bugs in quests and reporting them. Then every town has massive frame drops, but then when a public events comes and 30+ people come to play and use all their spells against enemies at once not a single frame is dropped. I just want a steady frame-rate and less glitchy quests. Great fun otherwise.

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