Driveclub PS Plus Edition Finally Coming Out..Does Anybody Still Care?


After nearly 2 years from its "initial" release date, Driveclub PS Plus edition is out, but I have to ask, Does Anybody Care? Justin absolutely doesn't.

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Eonjay906d ago

Good for you Justin! But as you stated, its still free. A lot of people will care. You can't realistically expect people not to play a free game based on some grudge.

SKullDugger906d ago

It's not free you need PS+ in order to play, but with that said its still a great deal.

Nirvana31591905d ago

"Does anyone still care?"

Yeah millions of PS4 owners. Who the hell writes these articles?

Maybe write a similar article when Microsoft finally releases an exclusive after 10 months of nothing.

uptownsoul905d ago (Edited 905d ago )


I agree that DriveClub PS+ version isn't free…It does come at no additional charge to the PS+ subscriber. And with that being the case, I doubt many people will refuse a "free" (and by free, I mean "no additional charge") game because they have to wait longer

Its almost like a "buy 1, get 1 free"…You bought a subscription & your getting DriveClub PS+ version free. Now the delivery of DriveClub PS+ is SUPER DUPER LATE…But your not "out" anything, you incurred no net loss over it's tardiness.

So does it suck that the delivery of the "free" product is SUPER late? Sure…But nobody but the ardent haters will say "I refuse to play it now"

catinthehat905d ago

I care! Driveclub is still the best racing sim made this gen.

vikingland1905d ago

I still care. It's the principal, follow through with a promise. If I like the game I will buy it.

TFJWM905d ago

Not a fan of racing games but I care enough to dl it and try it for free

RpgSama906d ago

I'm not a big aficionado of racing games, but if it's "free" (as in you need a ps+ subscription, which I already have), I will definitely give it a try, it looked graphically amazing, let's see how it plays, so... I DO care.

I know it's still being supported with new cars and tracks, on top of free updates, I'm guessing there will be people who will play this, like it and buy it, maybe I will be one of them.

dumahim905d ago

Stopped caring long ago.

DivoJones905d ago

The entire game is available in-store at Gamestop for $20.. if you have any interest in it, you might as well just pick it up. It's not a great game, but for $20 there's little room to complain.

LordMaim905d ago

Or you could just try it for free first. Why is that a problem?

3-4-5905d ago

I wouldn't play it but I'm sure the new people buying a PS4 will LOVE to have a new free game to play regardless of what it is.

* Like I much prefer Forza, but back in the 90's I played tons of different racing games and not all of them were great, but I still had fun with almost all of them.

I'm sure a few million people will still have fun with Drive Club, especially knowing that it's free, you don't have to get mad if you don't like it, and you won't feel you've wasted $60.

* It's actually a perfect PS+ game, because of the above mentioned.

Davi123905d ago

Exactly! I don't like racing games and i will play it anyway!

callahan09905d ago

From the article: "After nearly 2 years from its 'initial' release..."


The initial release was October 2014. It's been 8 months, not 2 years.

xHeavYx905d ago

Actually, the PS+ edition was supposed to be available when the PS4 released.

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callumjack906d ago

Warframe is free, and terrible, you can definitely expect me not to play Driveclub as well, since it's also undeniably busted. Free or not, shit is shit

CBforeva906d ago

Okay then. Good for you.

I'm just happy to meet many other fellow players, see you in the game.

*goes back to participate in club events*

hindey19905d ago

Have you heard about any of the updates since its original release? It was busted day 1. It's not now.

ravens52905d ago (Edited 905d ago )

Obviously someone in this comment section has no idea what they are talking about...warframe is great.
Jk lol Driveclub is a top if not the top racing game out.

LexHazard79905d ago

Warframe is not that good.

LordMaim905d ago

Ryse cost money and it was terrible too. What does either game have to do with Driveclub?

As for undeniably busted, I deny it. So... your move?

REDDURT905d ago (Edited 905d ago )

I enjoy warfame

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SmokingMonkey906d ago (Edited 906d ago )

"Does Anybody Still Care?"

You know they're selling PS4's in droves right?

Most if not all those PS4's need a PS+ sub!

I think people will take this game with a big ol' smile on their faces.

I don't even like racing games, and I bought DC for $10. Beautiful game!

uth11906d ago

Many people bought PS4s after the Driveclub launch disaster and won't feel bitter about it. It's a free game to them!

akaFullMetal906d ago (Edited 906d ago )

Ill take it, and if I really like it, I'll pick up the game for 20 or 30 bucks somewhere.

spicelicka906d ago

Justin doesn't care everyone. Now the question is, who cares if Justin cares or not?

callumjack905d ago

I would hope that if you read his stuff, and see any TZR content with regularity, you give at least a quarter of a fuck if he cares

spicelicka905d ago

Well I don't read his stuff, so i give a lot less than a quarter.