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VGChartz's Joseph Trotter: "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a tremendous achievement, one that may be lessened or heightened by what follows in the future. For now, it is the high point for narrative-driven open-world RPGs. It has everything, with very little to show in detriment. The narrative is stirring, characters affecting, visuals gorgeous, combat brutal, world riveting, score soaring. It has heart, soul and brutality, a little tenderness but little positivity – for who could be positive in such a scenario? This review barely scrapes the surface, but I’ve probably barely scratched the surface of what Wild Hunt has to offer. That adventure, the excitement of discovery, is best left to you."

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Simco8761152d ago

I have a friend, plays games very rarely. He dipped into Oblivion for maybe 5-6 hours right? This dude will come over to my house and play this game for hours while I sleep. He usually starts around 11pm, so I might watch him for an hour or so...then hit the sack. He stays at my house until 4am-5am playing this game. He has more hours in the game than I do...better equipment...better stats....

and I'm the

Immorals1152d ago

You may be a gamer, but it seems he's a witcher!

poppinslops1152d ago

I played the first two games, then read the novels while I waited for Wild Hunt to get patched... I was worried it wouldn't live up to Sapkowski's standards (I believe that the books are even 'better' than Assassins of Kings), but my fears were entirely unfounded.

I don't think I've ever been so immersed in a fantasy... I'm yet to finish Act 1 and it's already everything I could have hoped for and more.

Your friend isn't the only person who's made Wild Hunt their top priority... I get the feeling there's a small army of sleep-deprived, under-nourished people blasting their way through this game.

Immorals1152d ago

I've had multiple arguments with the girlfriend 'you play this game too much!'

I'm about to start my second playthrough!