Splatoon's 1M sales paints brighter picture for Nintendo games going forward

GGG writes about what Splatoon's commercial success means for fans of Nintendo games going forward.

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Neonridr1242d ago

careful, don't say it too proudly. People on here will be quick to point out that there was an exclusive Best Buy Wii U bundle sold only in North America that is clearly the result of this games success. Not that it's fun, new, fresh or just an overall good game.


mrbojingles1242d ago

Well, didn't the Wii U barely sell 50k in the US during May, during Splatoon's first two days on sale? I'd argue that one bundle at that one retailer probablyhad little effect. Infact, I can still find those bundles at most of my local BBs though that is ancedotal. Either way, if that bundle made up 50k of 476k, that's still 411k left

Neonridr1242d ago

yep, meaning that the game sold well on it's own, not because it was a pack-in.

Cindy-rella1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Actually itll bolster Nintendo to continue their archaic ways like no voice chat and other silly things. I dont know how a company could leave out voice chat in a multiplayer game based on teamwork. The funny thing is a lot of nes fanatics are upset about this but they protest by buying the game.

Nintendo NX will do most of the things Nintendo have been practicing for a few generations. Fanatics will support them no matter what so expect a lot of shovelware games, game droughts, bad third party support, missing features, bad online arena etc

Xer0_SiN1241d ago

all this tells me that nintendo has a place at sonys side as a dedicated 2nd party developer.

Neonridr1241d ago

lol.. someday maybe.. but not for a long time. Nintendo will be making hardware for years to come.

iplay1up21242d ago

Great game, I am picking it up next week, when my partner is out of town for a week. Splatoonathon!!!!

Wii U may not have a ton of units sold, but the attatch rate is fantastic.

Italiano12345671242d ago

Not for nothing but every Nintendo game should sell at least a million since they have no 3rd party support...

deadpoolio3161241d ago

Well technically every Wii U game should sell just under 10 million, since there are less than 10 million owners...1 million isn't really that impressive when you consider the install base is way larger than that

PhoenixUp1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Groundbreaking news would be a third party game selling 1 million on Wii U

Metallox1241d ago

S.T.E.A.M flopped and hard.

TripC501241d ago

I think that was a 3DS game.. I think.

Metallox1241d ago


The guy who I replied to edited his post. It originally said something like "how much S.T.E.A.M sold?"

WizzroSupreme1241d ago

Hopefully this gives Nintendo and a lot of others more incentive to make grew new IPs like this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.