HTC Allegedly Suggests Steam Machines ‘too slow’ for VR

VRFocus reports on HTC reportedly suggesting that Valve's Steam Machines will be too slow for virtual reality (VR) hardware right now.

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Cindy-rella1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

I remember when people were saying that steam machines would bring the end to traditional consoles and i thought that was funny. Ive been a pc gamer for a while and any educated pc gamer would know that majority of gamers prefer the plug and play ease of use that consoles provides. Tinkering with the hardware of steam machines or pcs arent for most people.i know the steam machines are being made to be plug and play but some tinkering will be involved with either hardware or software for future upgrade to run certain new games.

people dont want to deal with the headaches of software conflicts and a whole lot of mess pcs have sometimes with conflicting software.

I havent been hearing much about the steam machines.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1270d ago

I don't think they will go out of date very quickly, unless the consumer is dumb enough to buy a $400-$600. Regardless, it's not an affordable plug n play system but they will perform the best.

Anyone who can put together a jigsaw and use Google can make their own PC with twice the performance for the same price.

PurpHerbison1273d ago

VR too soon anyway. Give it another decade or two then it will be ready.

Pandamobile1267d ago

Ten years? We've had capable hardware for years already. We're just waiting on the software now.

PurpHerbison1264d ago

To my standards. When it comes to VR they are extremely high.