Project Cars patch 2.0 release notes writes: "Slightly Mad Studio’s has released the patch notes for Project Cars v2.0."

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Angainor71032d ago (Edited 1032d ago )

Keep addressing the first and leave PC2 for later... Plus don't put it on Kickstarter, make it yourselves.. You're gonna ruin your franchise..

dumahim1032d ago

Why? They have a team of people and a whole community of people that need something to work on. Of course they're going to be working on the next game and still have people doing fixes and DLC for PC1.

They won't put anything up on Kickstarter. They do the crowdfunding part themselves.

Don't worry, PC2 is 2-3 years away still.

Metfanant1032d ago

This is how games work..after development is done, part of the team moves onto a sequel, and part continues to support the old game...

Also, they don't use kickstarter, they have their own crowd funding platform that they used for the first game...

achmetha1032d ago

i think thats why they are crowd funding it. no publisher to give their 2 cents.

aceitman1032d ago

yeah what the hell did they do with the money they made , kickstarter is nice for indies starting off but for those that made out good should not be on it.

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dumahim1032d ago

Glad to see a lot of work being done on tire temps.

WizzroSupreme1032d ago

I can't believe that they already announced the second game already before they even patched their first game up.

DRambo1032d ago

It's clear nobody has read the article. This is not about Project Cars 2, it's the next update for the current game. Comments about "not fixing the first game" wouldn't be made if anyone could be bothered reading it.

dumahim1031d ago

That’s because a lot of people want to whine about anything they can find without actually looking in to it and understanding what’s really going on.

PC2 is the newest thing, so that's what people will comment for any PC news. For example, anything that mentioned Gearbox in the month or more after the Aliens debacle, people would whine about it even if the article had nothing to do with Aliens.