Backward Compatibility: Amazing or Pointless?

Mike explains why, even with all the new games coming out of E3, he's most excited about Xbox One to Xbox 360 backward compatibility.

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Neonridr1032d ago

I think it creates a much larger incentive for those people who own 360's to make the jump to the Xbox One. If the bulk of their 360 library will be playable on the Xbox One, then what would hold them back? Plus then they can trade in the 360 console to be used as credit towards the new system purchase.

I can't understand how or why some people think that MS announcing BC is a bad thing for the One.. jealous that the PS4 doesn't do it and instead we have to pay for PS Now to replay any of our older games? Sure you could keep your PS3 around for a rainy day, but wouldn't it be nicer to just be able to pop the disc in your newer console?

kraenk121032d ago (Edited 1032d ago )

The only problem is most of these games won't even be playable when they buy the system and some never will.

People will be very disappointed if they really believe RDR will be playable through emulation.

Nirvana315911032d ago

It's pointless if the games aren't even playable. Mass effect runs at 15 FPS on X1.

Bnet3431032d ago

Lol RDR is the #1 requested game users are asking for

Unless Rockstar decides to be a bunch of jerks, it's going to be there the day BC is open to everyone.

donthate1032d ago

RDR is likely to be approved, but hey there are a lot other games. Also, ME runs pretty damn good already and I haven't encountered the 15fps, but everything is improved. Faster loading, higher fps, less pop-in and etc.

BC is free and it is amazing!

AD7051032d ago

As a ps4 owner I agree. The thing that made the ps2 amazing for me was the ability to play any ps1 game I wanted on it. Which I still do to this very day. Not to mention our ps3s won't last forever so when they break down were stuck with a library of games we cannot play. That's what happened with my PS1 games and then the PS2 came around and saved them.

Now all playstation has is some bullshit PS now service where you pay a fee to play games for a couple of hours to a few days and weeks. Where there is input lag and the games have visual downgrades.

ninsigma1032d ago

Problem is the majority of games are not available for bc and we don't know how many actually will become bc.

Now I'm not going to sit here and say it's pointless because it's not. It was a requested feature and ms pulled it off so fair play to them. But I do think it's true that this announcement would have been bigger and more relevant if it was released at launch of the console.

I think the best thing about this feature is that it differentiates the two consoles which is a good thing.

I also think it's irrelevant to compare ps Now with xb1 bc because ps Now is a service that's not really designed as a ps4 feature (obviously it is a pa4 feature) where as bc is definitely an xb1 feature. Ps Now is designed as a service that transcends the console platform, that for now provides older games but will evolve to give newer games in the generations to come, on any platform ranging from tablet/smartphone to tv. Basically replacing the console. It's pointless to compare a feature and a service when their purposes are totally different imo.

green1032d ago (Edited 1032d ago )

Microsoft said there will be hundreds of games availble day one and it has already been confirmed that every first party published game will be available.

Currently, you can even vote on the games you want with the most popular making the list if they are not already there on day one

Neonridr1032d ago

I agree that PS Now is a different feature altogether that can appeal to a different market. However, since that is the only way for PS4 gamers to currently enjoy older PS titles (excluding owning the older consoles), it's the only form of comparison we have at this point.

3-4-51032d ago

* Somebody wants us all in fighting amongst each other.

* It's very difficult to control 400,000,000 people.

It's a lot Easier when you divide them into 2 sides though.

They can control the emotions of both sides, playing one off another.

* Think about it.

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Don't you all see what is happening in this country right now ?

It's just leaked into video games from wherever it was coming from.

The same people lying on mainstream media outlets are doing the same exact things.

I think it's all connected.

With the decrease in truth and quality in mainstream media came the decrease in ethics and integrity in journalism everywhere.

It's showing on sites like this and everywhere else.

Somebody wants us arguing and fighting amongst each other and guess what?

It's working.

Davi1231032d ago

One word: competition. We have the idea that competition it is evolving. Because of that, even to, we see father competing with son, for that everyone know who is the best... it is sad, but true...

3ndulg31032d ago

But if we turn our backs on the demons that set the division up they have no power to divide come together for a new world of gaming order.

Jughead34161032d ago (Edited 1032d ago )

I think it can be both amazing and pointless. It's cool just to have the option. The big question is, how many people will truly go back to a 360 game now. I know I'll have a blast from the past every now and then, and play something old. But not much at all. I'm definitely not buying a 360 game at this point. But maybe I'll play something that I still have. It's definitely good ammunition to fight that console war though. Lol. Ps4 fanboys are trying to damage control not having backwards compatibility. Xbox fanboys have bragging rights.

Davi1231032d ago

Amazing or Pointless? Neither one thing or other. Having BC, is ok. Jealous? Nah. That is just for the ones who don't know that MS already had tried BC in last gen, in the same way and with the same intention! Thousands of games, were released on XBox, but you can just play 450 titles in XB360... I already know how this will end!

christocolus1032d ago


Well said. The feature is totally worth it and i applaud the guys who made this possible. Come fall many Xbox 360 fans will be ready to make the jump to Xbox to Xbox One. i also have a couple of box 360 games i wanna play on my Xbox One. starting with RDR.


Keep downplaying it all you wont change anything. It's an awesome feature which Xbox fans requested for and i'm glad MS made it will only get better.

Kiwi661032d ago (Edited 1032d ago )

Ain't it funny how people like @nirvana seem to forget that its still in beta yet they focus on one thing to use as a way to downplay it because its not on their console of choice

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cfc781032d ago

Far closer to amazing in my opinion pointless would be not having the choice when the consoles capable.

TLG19911032d ago

I dont understand why people keep saying it will make 360 players make the jump.

1. why would they buy a new console to play the games they can already paly

and 2. if you buy a new console you want to see what it can do, not play old games on it.

I've already used the feature on mine for one game, but if it wasn't there i wouldn't lose sleep over it i would just plug in my old consoles and play the game where it was designed for.

cfc781032d ago

Because buying an XB1 now gives you the choice to do both and as everybody enjoys different things in gaming its a great choice to have.

TLG19911032d ago

also buying an xbox one gave you a choice before. Its up to you if you limit yourself by selling old gen consoles.

tinynuggins1032d ago

It's not really hard to understand. If you invest thousands of dollars in your games library, it would be great to still be able to play them. It makes the decision easier to make when deciding on which platform to upgrade to.

hades071032d ago

I already have an xbox one and it is a wonderful feature for me having friends over hanging out in the rec room where my One is located. Being able to redownload some excellent XBLA games like castle crashers or fighting games like U. Marvel vs capcom 3 for some coop fun is a huge plus.

Monster_Tard1032d ago

With a remaster of Castle Crashers in the works, I doubt that game will have BC, but I get what you're saying.

uth111032d ago

There are people who think buying a new console means trading in their old one.

I know someone who traded in their PS3 for a PS4. But then they missed playing borderlands, so they traded their PS4 in for a PS3.

I SMH at the amount of money lost in those transactions- especially since people usually do this bc money is tight in the first place :/

someOnecalled1032d ago

Maybe because they can play their xb360 games they have, the xb360 they missed which is cheaper now, and be able to play next gen games.

It's on of the same perks pc gamers get you don't her use saying why would you want to play stalkers or the witcher when it came out long ago what's the point? See how dumb that sound. Funny thing people use to brag and be proud their system had BC last gen. I wonder why the change?

The biggest slap in the face for me was buying a lot of digital games and content on my ps3 last gen just for they to tell me if I don't keep my ps3 or them keeping support for it. I can play my games on ps4. So even if they port games I brought I have to start all over. I buy into your digital hype and you tell me to f#ck yourself at least M$ is trying sony is riding the fanboys like chumps. They're paying for MP that they already brought and its no different from last gen. And if someone ps3 dies they will have to buy a new one just for they don't lose their games which will some bring ps3 prices up.

Fanboys are always going to try and spin this. They could at least let me stream my digital games on psn because its easy to check that I brought them. I hope sony is taking notes so they can make a lame excuse for ps5 doesnt have BC since PS fanboys will live with whatever sony decides for them. I was a PS fan but the last couple of years they been shady. I respect them for it because it's business, but doesn't mean I'm gonna deal with and kiss their @$$ like people on this site do. That's one of the reasons its now OK for Morpheus to be $300-400 when it first was announce people on this site swear it would be around $150 just because it's sony. The fanboys have no bounds. They will never criticize sony.

Monster_Tard1032d ago

With the option of trading in your 360 to knock off a big chunk towards an Xbox One, I can see this making 360 owners get Xbox One's because of this feature.

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Shuckylad1032d ago

Neither extreme, it's just useful for some.

raWfodog1032d ago

Probably the most intelligent, simplest explanation heard on here.

Point is that ANY feature adds to the 'perceived' value of your console but that does not mean that everyone will utilize it. Case in point, I have no intention of ever using SharePlay on my PS4 but it's there if I ever change my mind. I feel the same about BC. It's just a 'convenient' feature to have all (if not many) of your games playable on one device but, to me, its not necessary. Others will have great use for it. There is no 'right or wrong' about it.

LoveSpuds1032d ago

Absolutely spot on fella!

SliceOfTruth8881032d ago

When Games With Gold starts putting BC games on XBone on the same day people will start to care

tinynuggins1032d ago

I didn't even think of that! That's going to be nice.

SliceOfTruth8881032d ago

especially when EA Access starts to put 360 games in the vault yea......people WILL care

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