Ex-Planetside 2 Developer Throws Epic Shade at Destiny

Planetside 2 is out, and one developer decided to announce it with some epic shade throwing.

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ThichQuangDuck998d ago

Appears everyone is throwing shade at Destiny today. We can all admit that shooting gameplay in it feels amazing,but the game itself is tedious with little to no story

Griever998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

The gameplay and addiction for loot is crazy in Destiny. I played it for 3 months but when it came to paying up for the DLC, I quit. It was just too expensive for more of the same. The Taken King is ripping off people at a whole another level given the meager content they are offering. I just bought the expansion for FFXIV for $40 and the amount of new content is mind-boggling. A whole new open world continent to explore, a new race, three new sub-classes, tens of hours of story quests, numerous sidequests, several superbosses, multiple raids, huge amount of new gear and much more. Bungie are just ripping off people with the hefty DLC prices. I wonder how good Planetside 2 is. I think I will give it a try. Have been looking for a good FPS on PS4.

ThichQuangDuck998d ago

Ha let me know when you find a good fps on PS4. I am waiting on Rainbow Six. This is one of Sony's deficits multiplayer games so they have third party exclusive dlc. i miss Socom, Timesplitters and Syphon Filter

JWiLL552998d ago

15 campaign missions, 6 strikes, 6-8 PVP maps, 2 PVP modes, 3 subclasses, a 6 man raid and hundreds of weapons and armor is meager content?

Vanilla Destiny was weak but come on, compared to the DLC practices we've seen in games like Evolve and Mortal Kombat ($30 for a character and some skins) this isn't bad at all.

I'm not excusing the stupid collectors edition pricing but people are going to far here. $40 isn't a ton of money for something that can give dozens of hours of play, hundreds for others.

HammadTheBeast998d ago


Weapon and Armor should've been free, as with any MMO just like Destiny is trying to be, the campaign missions all play the same, strikes are good, PVP maps may or may not be good, 2 new modes is whatever, and all in all, this isn't even half the content of the vanilla game but it's asking for nearly the same price.

Johnsonparts23998d ago


you can't compare Destiny to traditional MMO's though, since at it's core it's an FPS. What FPS games give new armor and weapons for free? and hundreds of them no less? When I used to play CoD you'd get 3-4 weapons and 2-3 maps for $15...... Compared to that this is a steal! lol The collector's edition pricing is wrong, flat out, no defending it. I hope they address it. But as far as the $40 price tag for this expansion, I'm not complaining.

FamilyGuy998d ago

Ignoring the $13 a month subscription fee? F14 is great and the expansion is AMAZING but don't act like all you're spending is $40 to get that. There's a few MILLION people, all paying $13 or so PER MONTH to allow such a huge expansion at that $40 price.

JWiLL552998d ago (Edited 998d ago )


This game has no subscription fee, it's unreasonable to think they're going to keep releasing exotic/legendary weapons and armor for free. The developers don't work for free.

Also, if what the media is saying is true, they've learned from their mistakes regarding how campaign missions play out. These will be more..."Halo-y" for lack of a better term :P

Rag on Bungie all you want, but people tend to overlook that this game has zero microtransactions. They easily could have bloated the game with them and a ton of people would pay whatever the cost (imagine if they offered Gjallarhorn for $5...)

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spicelicka998d ago

It's really not the game, it's what they did to it. Game is amazing, but they decided to withhold for the sake of money.

Brotard998d ago

People love to rip of this game because they think it makes them look cool, when in all actuality this game is clearly on too something with how much it has sold and how much people play it.

Jughead3416998d ago

Activision are the ones to blame in my opinion. They have a history of milking franchises like COD and Guitar Hero. Now Destiny. Destiny was originally going to be a much longer game, but Activision broke up the content into DLC packs. I remember at the original PS4 console announcement, Bungie was there to reveal Destiny. And part of the trailer showed content that's in the latest DLC pack. I wish Bungie would break up with Activision. But Activision gave them $500 million for the next 9 years worth of Destiny content. How do you walk away from $500 mil?

zeuanimals998d ago (Edited 998d ago )


I guess McDonald's is the greatest restaurant in the world because more people eat it than everything else all around the world. You know, there's multiple facets that go into selling a product, one of them is marketing and name recognition. Activision and Bungie are well known names, check, the game had a huge marketing push by both Sony and Activision, possibly the biggest we've ever seen, check. Maybe they are up to something, get popular names and a lot of marketing and you can sell anything. Even turds, right Dr. Oz?

FullmetalRoyale998d ago

But how many people are throwing EPIC shade, though?
The Techland one was clever, I thought.

remixx116998d ago

Well bungie has been gigging their own grave as of hurts watching a good Dev burn because of its publisher.

Johnsonparts23998d ago

why do people keep saying stupid shit like this? "digging their own grave"??? You mean having one of the most successful games of all of last year? Having a continued player base in the millions? Average daily player usage at more than 2 hours? How the hell is that digging their grave? If anything they're DROWNING in money. It's remained one of the most popular games overall and it launched a year ago! What other game from a year ago is talked about at all now? 1, and it's Destiny.

FamilyGuy998d ago

So true, seems like literally every game from 1 year ago has faded from all media coverage. Nothing from a year ago gets talked about as much as Destiny.

UnwanteDreamz998d ago

That is alot of made up BS. Sales were great and within 3 months people started leaving in droves. I'd like you to show me the official player counts. Activision hasn't released that info because it would show how few are still playing.

Truth is Destiny fans like to exaggerate how popular it still is.

corroios998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

I really dont understand bungie. The first two DLC were part of the game. Everybody knows that. So, with all the time they had to prepare the next DLC why didnt they put tons of stuff???????? planets, raids, new modes, strikes, tons of armors and weapons?? Why? Now they are getting all this hate because they are ripping of the Core gamers of Destiny.

They want us to pay from another short DLC the same as a full game???? Really...

Brotard998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

"It was part of the game, everyone knows that"

Oh really? You are 100% sure they were done with it before hand? That's like saying you see a hotel with an addition with the exterior all done. Well if that's the case then the whole thing is done and why not just let people in. If the exterior is all done we all know the interior is!

@jwill552, thats right. in this update there is going to be a whole new location, "better storytelling, more halo like', a whole new campaign with new areas in already existing planets, multiple strikes, a new raid, many new pvp maps and modes, and new subclasses,

KwietStorm998d ago

Go on, just keep defending it, so they can continue this in the future. They obvious didn't learn the first time around, and they clearly don't care with how they've moved forward.

warczar997d ago

Come on dudebro, it's pretty obvious that at least the will of crota was done before the game released. I'm not saying destiny isn't a blast to play but it WAS an unfinished product and Activision IS ripping us off on the dlc.

Christopher998d ago

Because that would take away content they could use in next year's release of Destiny 2.

JWiLL552998d ago

The stuff you listed is exactly what's going to be in this expansion, other than a bunch of new planets. I don't expect that until the true sequel.

spicelicka998d ago

He does clarify:
"please keep in mind, I'm not with the PS2 team or daybreak anymore though, so it's just some random asshole saying that. =)"

Brotard998d ago

Maybe it's because of these kind of comments that he isn't with daybreak anymore?

yellowgerbil998d ago

I played PS2 for an hour. the game is complete garbage, and why in the hell are friendlies Pink, yellow and green. I shot so many damn friendlies trying to figure out WHO the enemy was.
Back in the days of Mag I remember PC friends were talking this game up as the next great shooter, it is no MAG that's for sure. glitchy, empty, and bad map design.

pompombrum998d ago

You know you've dun goofed when developers publicly take swipes at you.

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