The New Expansion Pack For GTA V Is Coming

Shawn "Solo" Fonteno (actor for GTA V's Franklin) has posted a photo on his Instagram account and made all the fans feel excited.

Let's talk about photo first. Solo's dress is a motion capture suit. He put on a headphone and there's a Vice City poster behind. We all probably know the meaning of this photo. In addition, Franklin (Shawn "Solo Fonteno) wrote that statement under the photo "Shhhh.....YALL KNOW WHY I GOT THIS SUIT ON." Yeah Franklin, we all know.

We can expect a new story expansion pack for GTA V because of Franklin's statement and that photo. And the announcement of this expansion pack is expected on 2015 Gamescom which takes place in Germany, on 05-09 August.

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-Foxtrot1188d ago

Vice City?

I want it...but I don't

I'd rather see Vice City in GTA VI

That_Guy2441188d ago

I would love to see Vice City again. Man I really havnt played GTA5 as much as I like on pc my to play games list seems like it never gets shorter,

DoctorFry1188d ago

I agree. I feel that Vice City deserves its own game, rather than an expansion.

SteamPowered1188d ago

I love the support this game is still getting years after release.

starrman19851188d ago

I hate google translate... that made no sense, none of it!

SaveFerris1188d ago

What I don't understand is why has it taken so long to release heists and single player DLC? I never played GTAIV, but were those expansions released after a similar period?

KwietStorm1188d ago

I don't remember how long it took GTA IV to get DLC, but I'm sure GTA Online had a lot to do with delays for any content with GTA V. The whole game itself is more complex than IV, but the online mode is very ambitious, and we all know how that launch went. They also didn't have 2 console generations to work on with IV.

-Foxtrot1188d ago

Took like 8 months to get the Lost and Damned for the 360

They've been too focused on the multiplayer, if they just did the online separately and gave it to another studio then we could have had this by now

1186d ago
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