Siren: Blood Curse, First Impressions

TheSixthAxis: "But just as the game was starting to click, the first episode ended (with a bang). All in all, the first episode provided a mere 15 minutes of gameplay, including some of the trial-and-error reloads. But this first episode bodes well for the other ones, even if the game is strict on what you had to do at all times. Hopefully the rest of the episodes tone down the handholding, and open up a bit."

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Playstation Man3769d ago

IF THE WHOLE GAME IS AVAILABLE. If it's like Qore and your purchase forces you to wait for the next download then forget it! It's not worth my money to wait. But if I get to play the whole game, now you're talking! We'll just have to wait and see later on.

Playstation Man3769d ago

It's the full game. Ignore my first comment please. Bought in full today! Can't wait!

NathanGra3769d ago

Am I alone in saying that I didn't enjoy this demo? If I had to rate it I'd give it a 6 out of 10. (and yes this is just a big 'if'. I know the game has much more to offer and the story has already intrigued me)

Things I like:
Implementing Sixaxis

Things that I really didn't like:
Lighting (i know it's supposed to be dark, but I couldn't see a thing. If I messed with my tv's brightness it got washed out)
Gameplay (fighting wasn't that fun at all)
Controls: They were too jerky.

Did anyone feel that way as well?

avacadosnorkel3769d ago

I thought the demo was too short to decide. I think the camera is the way it is to bring the feeling of helplessness and uncertainty, because you can't know and see everything in horror to still have the feeling of being vulnerable. The dirty film screen effects and colors are pretty neat though if you have a HD TV because it looks like an old scary movie film print - just dark. The gameplay goes back to the camera idea where you are limited to what you can do, but I'm thinking it was on purpose. I don't know? Try it again.

drdre743769d ago

what game that is like this have great lighting? If you could see everything coming at you, it wouldn't be scary.I didnt care too much for the controls and camera angle but i think its something that after i play for awhile I'll get use to and enjoy. I'm kinda wanting to wait on silent hill since I've played those before.

negrito2113769d ago

i think the demo was pretty sick, so far i like it better then silent hill. and i had the original for ps2 and i loved if your not sure download both of the trailers and LOOK at every monster you see and they will trip you out. im getting this.

NathanGra3769d ago

I understand this is a survival horror game. I love the Silent Hill Series, I have all of them and will pick up homecoming when it comes out. And yeah, the darker, the grittier the better.. but don't blind me. I want to be able to navigate.

Also I know fighting isn't the focus of the game, but still, it should be satisfying. I'll have to check out the demo again, but as of now it just reminds me of an old ps2 game. A lower budget one (I'm going SOLELY by the demo here. I haven't seen any trailers, etc for it yet)

jamenees3769d ago

I just downloaded the demo. There are things I like about the game and a couple I don't. But I think all the negatives can just be bundled up in the 'I haven't played the full game' category.

All in all, I went off of the words of a few fellow gamers and I think they were spot is a game to experience, if not for the gameplay then at least for the damned creepiness of it all.

Your right though, with the way gas prices are...I have to always do a double take when I purchase a game and do heavy research into whether or not it's going to be worth it.

LOFT3163769d ago

Did'nt know what to make of the Demo
But when it came out today
I downloaded the trailers first on the psn
Read a few reviews . Eurogamer give it a 9
and decided it was worth it
only played the first episode
But i can say it looks better than the demo
Its not all darkness
i agree with you on the camera
But it dont take long to get used to it
from what ive seen
its worth 20 quid

Dir_en_grey3769d ago

All I gotta say is this is like MGS4, you think there's only one way to do things but there are actually many extra areas and things you can find.
I bet not a lot of people figured out the stuff you can do in the demo either.

****Spoiler Alert

The section in the Demo, you can go up the ladder at the out house that's like the miner's office and find a tape there which you can play back in the real game. You can call the Shibito at the area where there's a phone and have the shibito open up a locked door to answer the phone so you can get in later. You can push a kart to kill off shibitos and open up a door to obtain an archive item.
Reading the archive items gives you a better understanding of what had happened, much like the MGS codecs it's just a little something extra that makes you appreciate the game more. All the URL you find in the game are real. Check them out =)

NathanGra3769d ago

Jameness: Yeah, for sure. I love creepy games and being creeped out.. so I may actually spring the money for this one for the experience alone.

LOFT: Couldn't have said it better myself... or have I already? Haha anyway; the demo didn't leave me too impressed but I'm reading the reviews and they are pretty darn good. Add to that that all I played was a demo and the story is intriguing.. more than likely you're right. It's worth it.

Finally, Dir En Grey, for sure. I know there are a lot of choices to make. It's like a horror choose your own adventure book.. only probably more effed up. I hope to hear more soon about it. As of now though I have a few games on the mind I gotta get first. (Eden, Warhawk to name a couple)

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