What We Want From Nintendo NX

What Nintendo's next home console needs to succeed.

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GenuineGamer1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Nintendo could release such an amazing console if done right. I just don't know if they are smart enough to do it, they seem so out of touch with some areas of gaming.

I hope theyve realised what needs improving and what needs changing. Maybe their next console is a true return to form. A next gen version of the GameCube perhaps with easy to use online, powerful hardware with big storage, achievement type system, touch and motion controllers optional, full BC with GC - Wii @ Wii u games ect...

Such an amazing library of first party franchises imagine Nintendo games with CGI level graphics, Zelda, metroid ect..

pcz1245d ago

nintendo need to go back to basics with NX.

it needs to be gimmick free

it needs to be cutting edge so it can play the graphics intense games of today and tomorrow

it needs strong 3rd part support afraid non of these things will happen because nintendo hasnt evolved with the industry. they havent adapted their business to produce the cutting edge, evidence of this is that they have a HD console with the wiiu, but havent really utilised the technology to its full potential, with the games often being little more that upscaled, higher frame rate gamecube games. so how can we expect them to all of a sudden produce games with the visual fidelity of uncharted, or scope of gta v?

if anything, nintendo seem to be scaling back their operation even more, with the move into mobile gaming.

their relationship with 3rd parties is poor, and so we can only expect the trend of sparse games release schedules to continue.

nintendo are very aware of all the above, and so implement gimmicks to try to balance out its weaknesses and attract customers. problem is, lightening doesnt strike twice in the same place

wonderfulmonkeyman1245d ago

Third parties need more than late ports to gain a foothold on the NX.
No amount of power is going to make people pick up an NX when all we'll get is late ports of stuff like The Witcher 3 with nothing but better graphics.

It didn't work with Wii U, it won't work with NX.

They need new and exciting exclusives, or ALL GAMERS will ignore third party on NX.

deadpoolio3161245d ago

Nintendo will NEVER be cutting edge when it comes to their home consoles...I dont know why people keep going on about how it needs to be as or more powerful than the PS4, that isn't how Nintendo has EVER been...

It will be made like every Nintendo console with next to obsolete parts to keep the pricing down, period thats just how Nintendo rolls

-Foxtrot1245d ago


Well maybe if Nintendo meets them half way and actually gets involved more they could have more then ports

Cindy-rella1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Might as well write an article about what the Nintendo NX wont be or have. Its Nintendo so dont expect what is standard on todays modern console like ps4 and xbox one. Nintendos latest online multiplayer game lacks voice chat because one of the devs heard adult language in an online game in the past.

People shouldn't expect a lot of what is standard on normal consoles these days to be on Nintendo NX then dont think about buying it. History proves that Nintendo will continue their archaic ways no matter what. Look at previous generations. The failed and weak wii u is being sold for 300 dollars so id imagine a weak Nintendo NX to be release.

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pcz1245d ago


i think its extremely important that nintendo make a console with cutting edge technology because the industry requires it to run the latest games. if you have 3 consoles, and (ideally) devs producing games for all 3, they need to be on a level playing field. having one console VASTLY weaker will only mean it will miss out, we have seen this time and time again on wiiu, and wii. and any port nintendo does get is usually inferior, or some alternative version... like the resident evil chronicle games.

so i think its vital nintendo have a capable console, in order to remain competitive, and assure gamers they will get versions of games on par, or better than the competitors.

its no good at the moment, with nintendos mind set being- people will want the wiiu version because the in-game map is on the controller, or the item select screen is on the controller... its laughable and just not good enough. gamers want the core experience to be superior, not gimmicky.

but im afraid you are right, nintendo will never change, i doubt the NX will be cutting edge, it just doesnt fit nintendos current attitude.. i think they will make the same mistake all over again

kakashi811245d ago

Faster than Xbox one cpu and 2-3x better than ps4 GPU.

iplay1up21245d ago

Clearly Nintendo has to release a more powerful system than PS4, otherwise it would not make sense to even release one at all. NX will come out in 2017, that will make PS4 4 years old, which means Nintendo will have about a 2 year run before PS5 will come out, it could be 3 years if Sony stays with PS4 as they did with PS3.

Of coarse Nintendo could totally shock me and release it next year. Which would upset allot of Wii U owners. Plus that would mean Wii U would
Will have a very weak software year next year.

Nintendo is counting on NX being a "hit", we will have to wait and see.

Lucky for me the Wii U has and will continue to have amazing games this year.

Oh yeah, NX better be BC, with Wii U being so new still.

wonderfulmonkeyman1245d ago

It needs exclusives that show off that power.
Not ports.
New games will sell the NX far better than anything else could.

Testfire1245d ago

Nintendo needs to get on the same console release schedule as Sony and MS, and have similar hardware, social features and architecture for easy ports. That will give consumers the choice between 3 great consoles that will get proper 3rd party support, with exclusives being the deciding factor.

LOL_WUT1245d ago

Powerful hardware with no gimmicks and if they have to then BUY 3rd party support. ;)

affrogamer1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

1. Better hardware than current gen
2. Backwards compatibility with Wii U
3. Strong 3rd party support
4. No gimmicky controllers
5. Trophy/achievement system

Genova841245d ago

Not sure how you get backwards compatibility without the gimmicky controller.

iplay1up21244d ago

Almost all Wii U games support Wii remotes, Pro controllers, and the Gamepad.

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