Overwhelming negative user reviews push Arkham Knight from Steam front page

MWEB GameZone writes: "At the time of writing negative Steam user reviews stand at 4,636 and positive user reviews a 2,195, almost half the amount! The fallout for poor Bats is that Arkham: Knight was removed from Steam's front page, as well as from the "featured" page

The PC horde is not happy and it's a sad day in Gotham."

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Adexus1125d ago

I don't think that's the reason, they usually do that for new releases and then take off the banner the day after.

HanCilliers1125d ago

Polygon reports the same story

Adexus1125d ago

Of course they will, they'll still get clicks from it lol

Hoffmann1125d ago

But is a shitty website that does everything for clicks.

brish1125d ago

"Polygon reports the same story"

Then you know it's bs!

zeal0us1125d ago

Polygon want them clicks/ad-revenue. Warner Bros trying to beat Ubisoft for the poo-poo award.

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Magicite1125d ago

DMC 4 - 92%, Batman - 32%; tsk, tsk...

plut0nash1125d ago

Another bad PC port I guess :(

zeal0us1125d ago

No guessing to it in this case. Warn A Brother pull an Ubisoft on PC users.

ZombieDreddZA1125d ago

I'm pretty shocked that the game was released for PC in the state it is in. Basic testing would've made it clear that it needed work still surely?

Hoffmann1125d ago

Don't buy Warner Bros PC Ports at launch anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.