NBA 2K16 gets Michael Jordan-themed Special Edition, play game early if pre-order

NBA 2K16 special edition details confirmed.

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ShowanW1121d ago

looks like I will be owning a physical game this generation...

but i'm also gonna get the digital version later on down the road.

Khajiit861121d ago

Physical on PS4 and digital on PC for me.

curtis921121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

Is this the nostalgia generation or what... Jordan, Montana football, Stone cold mode in WWE 2k16, Remasters, reboots, remakes. Our whole culture has just gone from being stoked about today & excited about tomorrow to just sitting around complaining how everything was better 'back when...'

We're all acting like a bunch of old grandpa's these days.

OT: Cool, whatever.

Castle3331118d ago

Because everyone wants 4 time finals loser Lebron James on the cover again.