Dark Souls 3 will feature faster gameplay, more intuitive controls

Hidetaki Miyazaki has spoken in great length about the changes fans can expect from Dark Souls 3, among them quicker combat and improved weapon customisation.

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nX1150d ago

Nice, looks like Bloodborne shaped this sequel quite a bit, can't wait to see it in action. Hopefully they don't make the same mistakes they did with DkS2.

iDadio1150d ago

Wouldn't mind a slightly faster more fluid combat but I hope it's different to Bloodborne otherwise having seperate franchises is pointless, I enjoyed the tactically nature of ds2

Canthar1150d ago

Miyazaki, You have a heart of gold.

Serg1150d ago

Don't let them take it from you!

goldwyncq1150d ago

Miyazaki, Don't you dare go hollow.

LegoIsAwesome1150d ago

It looks like Bloodborne is just a experiment on fast gameplay for dark souls 3.

psplova1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

If that was an experiment, I can't wait to see what Bloodborne 2 has in store for us!

darren_poolies1150d ago

Mmm the salt, I can taste it in the air.

theshredded1150d ago

will buy Dark Souls 2 now thanks to the awesome psn sale, hopefully the game's combat is good after playing Bloodborne over a hundred hrs which I'm used to now

InTheLab1150d ago

Dont. Just sold Ds2 back. The combat is somehow worse than Dark Souls and the layout of the game is terrible.

Going from DS1 to DS2 was bad but going from Bloodborne to DS2 was a bad idea....

darren_poolies1150d ago

DS2 combat is the worst in the series. If you've only ever played Bloodborne, I highly recommend playing Dark Souls 1 and Demon's Souls but definitely not DS2.

Serg1150d ago

I had the exact same reaction when I first played it. I was so hyped for Dark Souls 2 that I started playing Dark Souls 1 again just before it released. I have Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 1 Platinum on the PS3 so I know my way around the combat system.

Immediately after I started playing Dark Souls 2 I felt like a fish out of water. The combat was off, the dodging was off, hell even the movement didn't quite feel right. Died my way through to the first boss, couldn't beat him for the life of me and threw the game into the corner. Until I saw the GameTrailers Dark Souls 3 Just Played, I didn't even think about the game. Recently gotten back into it and I must say, after adjusting to it, it feels like a lesser version of it but it is still Dark Souls.

Now, 5 bosses later, I really enjoy the game.

darren_poolies1150d ago

Well I'm glad you're starting to enjoy it but I gave DkS2 a good 18 hours before I was just like 'nope' and stopped. Although I watched my flatmate play though the DLC and it looked like a big improvement on the main game.

Ron661150d ago

This is great news! Miyazaki is god!!!

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