Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PS4 System Is The New CUH-1200 Model

Konami confirmed the limited edition Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain system is the new, lighter CUH-1200 version PlayStation 4. The collectable system will go on sale on September 2 in Japan.

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Bathyj1150d ago

Damn. If you didn't want one before you do now.

Yi-Long1150d ago

It looks stunning, but I wish they had made the controller red-black as well...

SaveFerris1150d ago

I'd love to have this to go with my pre-ordered collectors edition of the game.
I think this may end up as a GAME exclusive in the UK if this gets a release there.

N81150d ago

So does that mean U.S release? I hope so

Sarah_Ch1150d ago

Same here, if not I'm going to pre-order it from UK Amazon

N81150d ago

How do I do that? How much more would it cost me?

Sarah_Ch1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

Amazon ships worldwide even my credit card worked, UK Amazon seems they didn't list the bundle yet, so I pre-ordered mine through Amazon France, here's the link:

Moe-Gunz1150d ago

I want one. Come on US release.