Mafia 3 At Gamescom 2015?

The voice actor of a key character in the Mafia series has once again spoken out alluding to the game's status, could we be on the brink of an announcement?

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TheGreatGamer1125d ago

Maybe it'll show up at Microsoft's conference. If not, probably won't see this game announced until next year

ShellB1124d ago

I just hope they don't strip away content. I know they had to meet a deadline but damn, the things they mentioned was crazy. Either way, Mafia 2 was still great.

Shinuz1124d ago

Yeah I have to agree with you.

Immorals1124d ago

Loved the first two. Theres been a lot of waiting around for this series since the first!

SunnyZ1124d ago

LOVE mafia 1 and 2,
Been waiting for a third for a long time.

Hope it comes.

FrostXVenom1124d ago

yeah i have been waiting to see next gen mafia

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The story is too old to be commented.