Project Morpheus & HoloLens: Will they Stand the Test of Time?

Sony and Microsoft both have upcoming devices that will aim to engage the gamer on a new level of immersion and truly revolutionize how games are played. However, will these new devices capture the imagination and appetite of their fans, or will they retreat into the category of flash in the pan gaming fads, much like the Wii's motion controls or the Kinect? GENWire deliberates.

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nicksetzer11150d ago

As gaming peripherals I think they will flop big time, but they, hololens especially, could really hit stride with other entertainment forms.

jamstorr861150d ago

That's a point i have tried to pick up on in my article. I think, once the cost of the hololens comes down and the device becomes more compact, it will have a wide range of application.

Nirvana315911150d ago

Morpheus has shown and demoed several games running on the hardware but all we have seen of HoloLens is that it can play minecraft.

Cindy-rella1150d ago

Project morpeus will succeed. I dont see a market for hololens.

Project morpeus will be the first proper VR device brought to mass market and with a lot of high quality software it will succeed.

Utalkin2me1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )


Well technically you cant even play minecraft with it. You can only assist with someone playing. For gaming i see halolens as not much potential. But for other applications there is alot of potential.

Now far as OR and Morpheus they are suited for gaming and not much else honestly. Which is what i want, something that is directly related to gaming and enhances my experience while i play.

Septic1150d ago

Hololens has a lot of interesting uses outside gaming. Say for instance a comic book with a barcode that brings a 3d falalfel infront of you etc.

VR, if it works will obviously stand the test of time because that is seen as the ultimate means of immersion. When you think futuristic gaming, you think something like VR where you get absorbed in the game.

Please work Morpheus. My palms are open, ready to accept the red pill.

MasterCornholio1150d ago

The only thing that can really turn me off either device is the price.

I can see how both can be applied and I enjoy both concepts. But if the price is too steep then I will not buy them.

I'm pretty sure many people feel the same way that I do.

OB1Biker1150d ago

I think hololens will be great but not necessarily for games...
Morpheus can help bringing FPS to VR

Dlacy13g1150d ago

I have no doubt these technologies will indeed stand the test of time and will grow and gain traction. that said I still believe we are a very long way off from it truly making market penetration and impact beyond it being hey hey cool look at this kind of moment. I think we are a good three years away still before anyone can call it a success.

jamstorr861150d ago

i think three years is probably about right. I know Oculus have said that they don't expect until at least there 2nd consumer iteration will they have developed their device enough to stop things like VR sickness which will likely plague the current models upon release.

MrDead1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

I think Hololense will have greater sales because of the different applications it will be used for. It is not a focused gaming device and will have far greater use outside of gaming, bringing elements of a game to your environment is nice but it's not a real game changer.

Morpheus’s primary function is a gaming device being able to put the player inside a game, for people that have used VR you know that it is not a gimmick and is a complete game changer when it comes to immersion.

Will they Stand the Test of Time?...... who knows.

_-EDMIX-_1150d ago

"I think Hololense will have greater sales" Very unlikely. What Hololens actually is, is much more technologically ambitious and will very much have a higher price, even before they announce it, its clear just by what it actually is, it will have a high price point. I think this is just the first version of many other versions they will release, only when they are able to get the price down will it be something many pick up.

Morpheus is merely a VR display, though it has some CPU's to help it process data, its no where near what something like Hololens is.

Sony's HMD T1 was $1000 when it first released, its other versions are still a lot of money when released and those are not even self contained computers or anything.

Time will tell, but in terms of gaming with VR, easily, no doubt that Morpheus will sell more. Targeted for 1 thing in terms of gaming, likely won't cost near the same amount, on a platform that is the highest selling etc.

I think both will do well, but I don't think they are really comparable as from what I've seen, Hololens wasn't made just for games, it can do them, but that isn't its sole function.

kraenk121150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

I actually doubt HoloLens will ever see the light of day on the consumer market (don't even wanna talk about XBox market) before the FOV is significantly improved. Both devices will have one problem though: Technology is developing so fast these days that in a year or two both versions will be obsolete already.

SteamPowered1150d ago

Morpheus has lots of support through games and apps and is already being demoed for the masses. I have my doubts whether the Hololens even makes it to market. It just looks so far behind VR tech that it may just be left behind.
Plus, I see far more uses for VR than AR right now. The Rift and the Vive both have external cameras, so Im thinking it wouldnt take much to turn to AR.

ravinash1150d ago

You could see with Google glass how the AR was accepted.
It was being pushed as the next big thing, and now we haven't heard anything for ages.
It's a nice idea, but the main problem with that was it invaded everyones space including the person wearing and everyone around them.

At least Hololens is aimed more for the office, but beyond demonstrating models, what other uses are there?
It's a cool toy, but I'm not sure what's going to happen with it.

VR is good too, and there is nothing like getting immersed into another world. But you have to make sure you don't forget about the real world. everyone has their family commitments, and if your eyes and ears are covered your not in the room with them.

kstuffs1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

The HoloLens is much more complex and advanced than the VR devices. It's self contained requiring no external processing power. It has two CPU (APU and HPU) to deal with the surrounding data in realtime without lag. And the display is actually projected unlike OLED. And then you add in hand gestures recognition. MS HoloLens is just more advanced than VR. Their use-case are different. MS really doesn't have to design it's own VR solution as they will have third-party support for VR APIs. It will run Windows 10 afterall.

SteamPowered1150d ago

What do you think they will do with AR? Ive only seen the Minecraft demo and thats really the biggest application I can see being used. Im just having a hard time seeing the potential for AR right now. It does sound like it has a lot of tech integrated into the hololens, but VR is already up and running successfully.
There may be different applications, but its still designed to make MS money, so you have to think about who is on board to develop for AR. If Microsoft doesnt see it as a viable money-maker, or if VR thumps the hype right out of the Hololens, this Hololens may be left behind before the race started.
Seeing as how Windows 10 is required by both Oculus and HTC Vive, it may be easier for Microsoft to make inroads with VR, than develop their own tech.

Dread1150d ago

Not very excited for either of them. At this moment they seem to be fads, like kenect, move, 3d, power glove, ps eye, etc.

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