Collector's Edition Costume Pack DLC For Batman Arkham Knight Is Now Available For Free

Batman Arkham Knight collector’s edition was cancelled ahead of the official release due to manufacturing issues, and now Warner Bros. has released this exclusive pre-order DLC for Batman Arkham Knight completely free of cost on the PlayStation Store.

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Zero109938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

I hate the PC port and Rocksteady so much that I don't even want to download the free content. The entire Rocksteady team needs to work on the PC version and fix it. Not just those 12 people (shouldn't have been that small team handling such a huge game in the first place).

They say everyone will forget the 50 good things you do right...once you do "one" thing wrong. I spent hrs configuring settings to get it to work. Looking at forums and posting messages with others. Providing feedback and hoping some of the settings were just wrong. I'm done. I already refunded my game.

Asylum and City were such fantastic games (worked fine on PC from what I remember). They really went out with a bang alright. Shots themselves right in the foot.....God Dammit. I was really looking forward to the PC version. :(

Adexus938d ago

Couldn't agree more, they need to fix:

-Missing ambient occlusion
-Missing rain drips effect on Batman and Batmobile
-Textures never popping in
-Overall performance
-Broken SLi

Also adding in the Harley Quinn DLC and the Batman Beyond/Returns skin for Nvidia code users (like me) would be nice.

uptownsoul938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

Okay, back on topic…

This DLC was already a free Add-On yesterday when I got the game. I thought they were talking about something new. Although I'm not sure where all 52 skins are (or do they still have to be unlocked in the game?)

The_Sage938d ago

I'm sure they'll fix it. The game is beautiful and runs perfect on the PS4, so I'm sure they'll have the PC version fixed in no time. I played it for hours yesterday, and I would say that this is the best one yet.

TheJacksonRGN938d ago

Another dev handled the PC port.

938d ago
alpha_joe938d ago


When the say "The new 52" skin it means the new 52 comic series, not 52 skins.

Just thought I would clarify that : )

Here's the link

BattleTorn938d ago

OOhh! I was wondering, 52 seems like quite a few

GusBricker938d ago

It's free on Xbox One, as well.

aquaticDonut938d ago

Cool. Free DLC for a game that doesn't work well. How about they focus on patching first?

LegoIsAwesome938d ago

Uhhh.... It work well on the PS4.

fallacious938d ago

Works well on the PS4 so I got no complaints.

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