EA shows off first Star Wars: Battlefront PC footage

GameWatcher: Typically DICE likes to shows off its Battlefield series on the PC first, but up until now everything we've seen of its highly anticipated sci-fi shooter spectacular Star Wars: Battlefront has been from next-gen consoles.

Fortunately, publisher EA decided to tweet the very first PC footage yesterday. It's from the same Tatooine multiplayer level we've already seen, but damn is it good to see some stormtroopers getting blaster-rifled in sweet 60FPS.

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masterfox1268d ago

butter smooth, but since with current situation of recent PC releases who knows it will actually be at least delivered like that.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Butter smooth on AMD* (joke, BF plays fine on NV)

Looks really good though!

bofuknjanglez1261d ago

Should be smooth on AMD, Frostbite and Dice favor AMD in the PC world. BF3/BF4 ran better on AMD Gpu's so I would expect the same with Battlefront so glad too cause every time I see PhysX and NV Gameworks I know the game will run like crap for AMD.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1261d ago

Yeah that's what I was inferring there, I'm really glad AMD doesn't have it to the extent of Nvidia though. Ridiculous how Brand-centric the optimization is for Nvidia sponsored games, hopefully DX12 can limit that, and the amount of s*** PC ports.

Convas1268d ago

Trying to downplay the PC real hard right now, eh Junior?

JamieReleases1268d ago

Indeed, it does look great on 60FPS. I hope that it'll be live this at launch. Batman and Unity have showed how terrible PC ports can be :(

Eldyraen1268d ago

EA has a better track record for PC games today (which is sad) so not too worried about it. Ubisoft though won't see a dime till I know the game runs on PC now.

WB I hope learned their lesson but going by today's "standards" who knows.

chrisx1268d ago

Can 1 play as luke or darth vader in this game? Or are they npcs?

dragonopt11268d ago

Yes you can play as Luke and Darth Vader but only after getting so many kills I think, don't really know the details other than you'll be able to play them after meeting curtain goals

HammadTheBeast1268d ago

I think they made Heroes powerups now.

C L O U D1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

pew pew...

gotta love them laser sounds

LexHazard791268d ago

True Nostalgia man....never gets old!

Volkama1268d ago

Are they not targeting 60fps on the console versions? The Battlefield games do, so I assumed Dice would keep the same target this time around. I can't say I've paid close enough attention to know.

sourav931268d ago

If you watch the SW:BF gameplay footage at E3, they're running on console and at 60fps.

Volkama1268d ago

That would be consistent with the Xbox versions of the Battlefield games. Disappointing if true though, because Hardline in particular was really fugly.

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The story is too old to be commented.