The Arkham Knight defeats PC Gaming {Satire}

WASDuk reports on the latest battle between the Arkham Knight and PC gaming

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Arkworthy824d ago

probably worth mentioning this is satire, before people get unjustifiably angry over it

uth11824d ago

definately. Too many people can't identify satire without a satire tag

Mega24824d ago ShowReplies(5)
ZaWarudo824d ago

When your framerate is in ashes, you have my permission to boycott.

Arkworthy824d ago (Edited 824d ago )

Oh, you think low Frame rates are your ally. But you merely adopted poor optimization; I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn't see smoothness until I was already a - ten second pause- man!

TheRandomOne824d ago

Some people just want to watch PC Gaming burn

SteamPowered824d ago

At least the community steps in where the Devs faulter. I like that sense of community with my fellow gamers.

Khajiit86824d ago

PC gaming is fine in my household.... My PS4 collects dust most of the year, except when big exclusives come out. Its been 3 months since the last one and we have had how many great multiplats since then that have outperformed on PC.

And Arkham Knight PC is still better than PS4 version, on PC we know how much better the game is in 60fps and thats why Arkham Knight is getting bashed. Rocksteady got lazy with the port, nothing to do with PC gaming as a whole....