Star Wars Rebels Review (PS4) - Glitch Free Gaming

Glitch Free Gaming checks out the latest Star Wars pinball table for Zen Pinball.

"Based on the TV show of the same name; Rebels sees you join the crew of the Ghost Starship as you rise against the Empire and attempt to spark a rebellion. Before continuing this review it is necessary to state the following . I have never heard of, let alone seen, Star Wars Rebels. Therefore I cannot judge its faithfulness to the show. What I will do is judge it on its validity as a pinball table and Star Wars as I know it.As soon as the table loads, I know this is going to be a tough review, I’m conflicted. The retro Star Wars palette of greys, blacks and browns coupled with stormtroopers and rebel logos really set me in the universe. But then this is combined with very modern anime-esque character artwork, which creates a not unpleasant but confusing overall setting." Says GFG

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