Rocksteady Finally Addresses Batman Arkham Knight PC Performance Issues

Released yesterday, Batman Arkham Knight has been welcomed openly by fans as the final game in the trilogy series with an epic finale. The is the final chapter of the Batman series by Rocksteady Studios. Although it is getting good reviews it still has it flaws in terms of performance issues on the PC version of the game.

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SniperControl1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

"The developer has also issued the several specifications that are required for your PC to meet if you are willing to play the game at different graphical settings from low to ultra. They have also mentioned the expected fps that you can achieve on your PC if the required specifications are met"

Why should i have to turn down the settings to play this game when it should have worked out of the box day one, I have two Gtx970's in my PC, i have had to gimp one of them just to play at a stable frame rate, total joke.

Grap1120d ago

What a joke really, The game isn't even eye candy, Still UE3 after all; a 10 years old engine which supposed to be very easy to scale it to other platforms.

Nirvana315911120d ago

The PS4 version is damn near perfect

OhReginald1120d ago

Damn straight the ps4 version is perfection. I played a few hours yesterday. No stuttering, no glitches, no bugs.

bmf73641120d ago

Epic and Crytek create game engines that are over-the top for years to come. Bioshock ran on Unreal Engine 2, and it was an epic game. Crysis 3 is still near-impossible to run on max settings for quality performance.

The issue lies in the fact that Rocksteady failed to properly port the game to PC because they outsourced the development of the PC version, who only used a team of 12 to commit to the game

ninsigma1120d ago

What did you have to do to get it running?? I'm on holiday and can't play till the weekend, I was nearly going to refund it on the steam website this morning from all the negatives. I have 2 970s as well and will be playing at 1440p. Is this going to run for me??

SniperControl1120d ago

Go in to nvidia settings on your desktop, in the SLI tab set one of your 970's to run PhysX, then click the dedicate to PhysX tick box. This is the only way to get decent framerates(still crap), of course this screws up the SLI, but that's ok because SLI didnt even work.

The game still stutters like a bitch, i have given up on it and bought the PS4 version instead.

Grap1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

Get a refund trust me you will thank me later.
if you really really want to play it just buy it back later when it's fixed(which i doubted) or it's less than 30$.
because in this state it's just really unplayable and sometimes with all the motion blur my eyes hurt because of it(dunno why).

ninsigma1120d ago

Thanks for the info, marked for helpful.

This sounds more ridiculous by the minute. I may just end up refunding it. I won't get a chance to run it until saturday/sunday so I'll wait until then to see how it is. If it's not up to scratch I may just get the money back for either a new game and wait till it's cheap on ps4 or wait and see if they fix the issues and re-buy it on steam. Anyway, thanks again :)

SniperControl1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

There is also a fix for the 30fps cap, just google it or check out the Steam forums, it means editing a config file.

Unfortunately, this game has mutlple issues which need multiple solutions, i just cant be bothered with editing files, just wanna play the damn game.

Get a Steam refund and get the PS4 version, trust me, it's a 100 times better than the PC version.

reaperman1120d ago

Ohhhh so all the PC owners that think themselves the master race and constantly say that PC's are better than consoles now find out that PC's aren't all they are cracked up to be.
Works perfectly on my PS4 and I'm sure it plays fine on XBone also.

Immorals1120d ago

So PC's are suddenly bad because Rocksteady put out a poor port.

Flawless logic /s

ninsigma1120d ago

Give it a rest. Do you really delight in people missing out or getting crappy versions of games?? I've always played on consoles and this gen is no different but I built my first pc this year for the big multiplat games like batman and the witcher. It's worth over 3000 euro and now I've found out they gave the game to some other freakin studio to port it over and it might not run for me. There are plenty of others in the same boat as me and you're here gloating because we're being punished for the devs decision to not work on all the versions themselves. Everyone should be given a working product no matter what peice of plastic they play on.

Somebody1120d ago

They spent over a year promoting the game but then gave 12 people from an external studio to port the game to the PC version. What do you expect will happen?

If they gave the PC version the same amount of time, money and resources as the console versions, what do you think will happen?

Allsystemgamer1120d ago

It's a terrible port you moron. It it was done right pc WOULD be much better

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Tonykid1120d ago

This is what's wrong with PC gaming you'll have to worry whether or not your computer can run said game.

Some people I know didn't have problems playing the game while others do. This is why consoles are better because developers know what everyone have spec wise where as PC gamers so-so graphics card or so-so CPU or so-so ram.

That_Guy2441120d ago

Only thing wrong with PC gaming is morons and lazy developer's like Rocksteady. Pc gaming is fine and making more money than ever and one crappy port by a lazy dev isn't gonna change that. I will gladly suffer one or two lay developer ports if it means I can stay on pc. Only way I will ever be console only is when Sony/M$ build one more powerful than my pc. With all the same freedom I have on pcand can play all my games at least at [email protected]+ and can do every thing else my pc can at a lower price. Which I dont think will happen any time soon. Till then I will stick playing 99% of my games on pc.

Tonykid1115d ago

I hate when people use the word lazy like you can do better.

You try and make of these scale for all major consoles and PC. You try to take in account what kind of parts a user is going to use.

As a real gamer I dont care if a game runs at 60 fps as long it plays good and I have been having fun with it while on my ps4. You can have your gimicky FXs.

KrystofKage11120d ago

A ridiculous amount of exclusive preordering DLC; way too expensive season pass; changing specs the last minute for what is the worst port in years.

WB is a contender for biggest assholes in gaming award.

Lamboomington1120d ago

On top of everything, the PC version is missing Ambient Occlusion. Also, remember those rain textures on Batman, the Batmobile, and everything ? The wet flowing rain texture ? That's basically missing from the PC version. Yep, missing.

Oh, right, I forgot to mention the textures seem to be significantly worse than console version in some parts.
Look at Gordon in the 2 images below. Look at his jacket.
(Screenshots from the same video above)

Wow, don't know how they screwed it up that bad. This is a joke.

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