Arkham Knight Is The Best Game Of 2015 So Far

Perhaps the best word to describe Arkham Knight would be ‘thrilling’. This is big budget gaming at its very best.

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DanJenkoFMV1037d ago

Feel like there have been better games so far this year. Bloodborne and Witcher 3 both felt like they really broke new ground, whereas Arkham Knight didn't stray too far from the Rocksteady formula. All are great games, but in my opinion other releases have innovation on their side.

shodan741037d ago

Haven't had chance to play Arkham yet, so I'll reserve judgement. All I'll say is it would have to be spectacular to top Bloodborne and W3 - but this write-up certainly does make it sound/look spectacular.

That gif off him flying out of the batmobile and gliding made me drool!

darren_poolies1036d ago

I agree, I feel that the forced Batmobile segments stop it from being that. Personally I don't think that anything has matched Bloodborne so far this year.

Dark111036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

Yeah but the Rocksteady formula is closest thing you can get to pure perfection in the action adventure genre.

it's almost impossible to improve .. i guess that shows how good are Rocksteady at making games.

Grap1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

The Witcher 3 is the best game of This generation so far.
Come close Bloodborne.

joab7771036d ago

Ditto. BB and TW3 are my 2 favorite games this gen.

flyingwombat331036d ago

I feel like it innovated as much as either of those games. Not sure what's really innovative about the witcher at all to be honest. It's just a really well-executed RPG with a more open world than usual. I'd say bloodborne is probably still my favorite, but I'm actually enjoying the new batman game a lot more than I was expecting to.

Letthewookiewin1036d ago

Agree, Bloodborne is still tops.

Two-Face1036d ago

Bloodborne broke new ground? How?¨What makes it so different than the other souls game?

InTheLab1036d ago

Regen and transforming weapons....and maybe the speed of the combat, but nothing else.

InTheLab1036d ago

Completely disagree. The core of the game may be the same but the same can be said of The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne.

The regen system, transforming weapons, and faster combat are the only real changes to the Souls formula. Would you really call that new ground?

The open world is new for the Witcher 3 but I'd argue that certain things have gotten worse with the the combat. The first Witcher combat was outstanding and ACTUALLY ground breaking but over two games, the combat has become more button mashy and less tactical. Again that in comparison to the first game, not something like Assassin's Creed. Yeah the side missions are unique but theyre still only side missions. You're still researching enemies to gain an advantage and that's what we've been doing for 3 games.

Now Arkham Knight has taken every aspect of Arkham City and improved it. While it may not be ground breaking (and what game is?), this is the absolute best super hero game ever created. This is the game all Batman fans have been waiting for and it delivers. The combat has been expanded, the city is huge, the batmobile is amazing, the new skill tree and progressions are all new to the series, detective mode and forensics are new or improved, the game still sports the best voice cast of any game with the Conroy as strong as he was in the 90's.

All 3 are great games and believe me I've dumped countless hours in Bloodborne, but there's nothing better than Batman.

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SCW19821036d ago

So far what I have played I would still have to give the nod to Bloodborne and The Wild Hunt. But its a great game nonetheless.

Khajiit861036d ago

Close 2. Witcher 3

KrystofKage11036d ago

Even though it had it's own issues, I think Witcher 3 is by far the best game of 2015. The game takes an insane amount of time to beat, looks incredible, and has been given away free DLC for the past month. Not to mention the developers have been listening to fans and making changes best on feedback.

Hanso1036d ago

I like both but Bloodborne Combat is so much more fun to me than W3

goldwyncq1036d ago

That sequence when you first get to ride the batmobile on the streets is extremely well done.

Bimkoblerutso1036d ago

But then you have to keep riding in the batmobile...over and over and over. Even the Riddler challenges are batmobile races this time around.

It's the only thing that is not blowing me away in this game, to be honest. It's a fun little distraction, but I would rather have had more innovation go into taking out bad guys as Batman, not blowing them away in a bat tank.

zidane13411036d ago

No shit you need to keep using it. It's a major part of the game, and they said from the beginning that they want it to be a extension of batman and his tools. How can you complain about something so silly? The bat mobile is also one of the most fun things I've ever driven in a game.

Bimkoblerutso1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

It's kind of the polar opposite of what I have loved the series for before it. I don't see how that's "silly" and I don't see how Rocksteady announcing it beforehand magically means it's immune to criticism.

It's cool if you like it, though. I'm still loving the game. I just think the batmobile makes things feel a little...schizophrenic. It feels like it was added in because all AAA games are required to have a certain amount of explosions that the series just couldn't reach otherwise.

goldwyncq1036d ago

I didn't feel that the inclusion of the batmobile is forced in any way at all. Granted that I've only played 3 hours so far, but it does make sense storywise. Batman's enemy has an entire army at his disposal - tanks and aircrafts included, so it only makes sense that Batman keeps his batmobile close to him at all times. The button prompt that lets you summon the batmobile for the first time was even labeled "Even the Odds".

MasterCornholio1036d ago

Anyone else happy that we are getting so many good games this year?

Sora_19941036d ago

Yup very good year and im now where near done. All three systems will be packed from now until next year

MasterCornholio1036d ago

I can agree with that.


I'm pretty slap happy when it comes to this year's library of games.

Loadedklip1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

I enjoyed Bloodborne, Splatoon, Resident Evil Revelations 2 (so underrated), & Kirby and the Rainbow Curse so far this year. Batman is up next. I'm a happy multi console gamer with no bias.

Activemessiah1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

Thats not what the PC owners are sayin' to be fair but... opinions though.

Fishy Fingers1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

I don't think PC gamers have any complaints with the 'game', it's the p*** poor optimisation they're having issues with.

The content and narrative are still all there.

Activemessiah1036d ago

Content and narrative are all good if one can enjoy them... unless you have a monster rig to overcome to the horrible optimisation, the game is virtually unplayable.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1036d ago

Hard to enjoy the content when you randomly drop from 60fps to 20fps. without anything happening, and the voices de-syncing it's almost unplayable.