Xbox One backward compatibility made us believe greatness awaits

MWEB GameZone writes: For once Microsoft turned the tables on Sony and made us believe greatness awaits for the Xbox One."

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nidhogg1032d ago

Gureeeytunesu awaytsuuu..

TLG19911032d ago

I laughed way to much at that!

LexHazard791032d ago

I dont know if greatness awaits for a feature that lets you play your old games. Its just nice to have the option.

Roccetarius1032d ago

Of course it does, it means a entire generation of games wasn't reset after all. Something the PC can still boast to this day.

calis1032d ago

It's not an entire generation of games.

And the 360 still exists.

TLG19911032d ago

I think people forget you don't have to sell you last gen consoles once you buy a new one. i still have my ps3,2 and 1 and my xbox 360.

Hell, i still got a spectrum and snes a sega saturn and god know what else somewhere.

LexHazard791032d ago

I dont think it will be 100% BC for all games last gen. Not to mention MS gave us the feature but games need to be okayed by publishers. As long as I can play Shadow Complex and Alan Wake American Nightmare, Castle Crashers, COD Modern Warfare 1,etc. Ill be happy. Really only interested in it for my digital purchases.

@ scientific, what wool? MS themselves said it was a work in progress and that they still needed to hammer things out with publishers. Maybe thats why its in preview and has a holiday release. Guves them more time to fix and convince others to let it happen. Atleast all 1st party titles will be on there and as well as some of the more popular third-party stuff.

Roccetarius1032d ago

BakPAin, i'm not expecting it to be 100% either, but it still means certain titles will be playable on your new machine as well. That's certainly better than paying for a streaming service, because some hardware decisions was made last gen for someone else.

Either way, if this had been a certain other company, people would be praising this to high heaven. That's also why i'm getting disagrees, because people are trying to downplay this.

Griever1032d ago (Edited 1032d ago )

People are downplaying this announcement because others are "up-playing" it. Seriously, the BC is just good to have and that is it. Why would anyone play Halo 3 and 4 on Xbox One when they have Halo MCC and Halo 5 coming? Why would anyone play the old CoDs when the latest ones are on the market? Why would anyone play original Gears of War if the GoW remaster and GoW 4 are launching? Why will anyone play Forza 4 when Forza 6 is launching? Almost all the major 360 exclusive games have gotten newer iterations or remasters on Xbox One. All the multiplats are getting latest iterations too so why play the older versions? The feature has very little purpose except for appealing to nostalgia. People will see it once it launches and fades into obscurity in the flood of newer games just like it happened with the 360 and its BC with original Xbox.

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bouzebbal1032d ago (Edited 1032d ago )

it's a big deal for xbox fanboys. A game changer really! Being able to play a couple of 360 games from before 2010 is a game changer for them.
it's a cool addition, and Sony had the same on PS3 more or less with PS2 games on the store but it has never been that killer thing everyone would die for.

Dlacy13g1032d ago

Its a big deal in the eyes of someone who was a 360 owner and is looking to buy a new system. They may never use it but it's a perception thing, a check mark on the list if you will. The move to do BC is as much fan service as it is a marketing one.

LexHazard791032d ago you wouldnt LOVE if Sony said guys we have BC. Oh but its not that big a deal. Who doesnt want to play PS2/PS3 classics once in awhile without paying for it.

NeckBeardBSMTDweller1032d ago

I'm in the preview beta, and playing Perfect Dark, Mass Effect, and Kameo so far I see the xbox actually emulates the games at a more stable frame rate and higher res. Kameo never looked so good. Im definitely loving it

HoldenZA1032d ago

I can't wait to download all of my previous XBLA titles!

Sureshot1032d ago

I can't wait to use my awesome xbox one controller with some of my favourite 360 franchises!

TwoForce1032d ago

I would say this " it's good to be back "

joeorc1032d ago

"believe greatness awaits"

Funny how that works gamer media

I guess Sony really has people "jumping in"/to play the PS4


Never change Gamer Media

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