Tales From the Borderlands Episode 3 'Catch a Ride' out today on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Neil writes "It's been a little while since Telltale Games dropped us an episode of Tales From the Borderlands, but thankfully the third chapter is now with us!"

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oKidUKo902d ago

Can't wait to play this, seems like forever since episode 2!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI902d ago

That's because it was. Lol well whatever glad it came out. I enjoy this series more than all of the other telltale games.

oKidUKo902d ago

Agreed, I used to love The Wolf Among Us but this series just takes it up a notch.

LordMaim902d ago

Funny, it's also out on PS4, PS3 and PC. What a coincidence.

The_Eternal_one902d ago

I almost thought it was an exclusive by the title. But I'm sure if it was it would be timed anyway.

KarmaV12902d ago

It's an Xbox news site. Just like there are dozens of posts from PS only sites.

LordMaim902d ago

I understand the source of the bias, my point was that the title "Tales From the Borderlands Episode 3 'Catch a Ride' out today" would have been equally descriptive.