Bruce Straley Confirms ‘…we’re not creating an open world…’ Uncharted 4

The recent Uncharted 4 gameplay at E3 2015 sparked a debate regarding the nature of the Uncharted 4’s setting, and whether or not Naughty Dog had taken the plunge back into open world like their Jak & Daxter games.

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Snookies121147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Did people honestly think it was supposed to be open world? Lol, ever since the game was revealed, they've only said it has more open areas. Uncharted in an open world format would be kind of weird.

nX1147d ago

It's just open level design, nothing else.

I still hope that TLOU2 will be open world though. They seem to have built the proper streaming technology with UC4 to make that happen. I don't necessary like the trend with open world games but I'd definitely want to see one from Naughty Dog.

Thatguy-3101147d ago

Nah I would prefer them to stay with the same format the last of us had. A lot of the areas were big enough to venture off and explore and find cool stuff but it was still a linear game. I feel that it's hard to tell a good story when you have an open world game.

Ezz20131147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

They add "Wide linear" style from TLOU to uncharted 4 but made it much more open..which we know that already and that's awesome

TLOU2 will be much more open than TLOU/UC4 as well but not true open world game
that would never work for the story ND try to tell.

I don't want every freaking game to be open world

freshslicepizza1147d ago

the game was never designed for an open world and it works better that way for uncharted games.

Grap1147d ago

The Witcher 3 beg to different.

Fez1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Making a linear game open world changes the entire feel of the game. For me, it kills tight story progression so wouldn't be suited to Uncharted or TLOU.

Open world Metal Gear has me worried. The number of side quests and revisiting of the same areas will make the game feel totally different. The cutscene to gameplay ratio that the series is known for and that I enjoyed will be totally skewed towards gameplay now. That means less investment in the story. Hopefully as the game unfolds it becomes more linear.

Open world games in general seem to have a lot of filler missions that ask the player to complete a meaningless task. The new open world trend is rarely for me.

nX1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

^I'd wait for MGS5 to release before I critizize it. I'm actually expecting this to become the best MGS yet and I'm glad that Kojima went this route for his last game.

What I meant with my comment was that it would be interesting to have a developer from the calibre of Naughty Dog create an open world game. Pretty much the same as CDPR did with The Witcher 3 or Guerilla does with Horizon I'd expect that Naughty Dog can make something truly amazing. And The Last Of Us would offer the perfect opportunity for such a project.

Fez1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

I think Naught Dog already makes truly amazing games! I can't see a compelling reason that open world would enhance what they produce and there's probably an argument to be made that the opposite is true. Recently the high praise received for ND games has been due to the mix of exciting gameplay, good storytelling and pacing, great voice acting and amazing graphics... at least two of these would be lost in an open world setting.

I haven't played The Witcher 3, but I did like the look of Horizon at E3. Probs second only to Uncharted 4 for me. But this is just a really cool concept at this point so it is possible since this is Guerilla's first outing with an open world game that it won't be any good.

Re. MGS, I'm not criticizing just yet, it may turn out to be amazing but based on completing Peacewalker and Ground Zeroes, plus watching the demos for Phantom Pain, I have a fair idea of what to expect...
Improved gameplay mechanics to play though similar missions in repeat locations. Lots of Fulton Recoveries.

I still think the Boss Battles will be fantastic, and if things become more linear towards the end I will enjoy it... but definitely worried about story pacing, and gameplay padding and repetition.

Josuey1147d ago

Yeah no, the industry has PLENTY of those open world games no thanks, i wanna continue to have concentrated, focused, rollercoaster,story driven experiences from naughty dog.

WelkinCole1147d ago

Not their existing IP that were built abound tight liner progression in story. Imagine set pieces in Uncharted not progressing in a timely manner that they are because you go on 1/2 hr side missions in between them. It will just not work.

A new IP built around open world design yes.

AndrewLB1146d ago

Since so many of you can't seem to find the proper descriptive term, Uncharted 4 is an "on-rails" linear action-adventure game which is based around highly scripted sequences activated by forward progress.
Take the E3 driving sequence for example. It's about as linear as a game can get without being a 2D side scroller. Every single time the armored vehicle eppears, it's because you hit a predetermined checkpoint. Same goes for the spot where it busts through the wall in the exact same place every time, and all the bricks/debris move exactly the same. In many ways it's closer to an interactive-cinematic than actual action-adventure, kinda like The Order in a way.

\prepares for the disagrees

If anyone can give actual in-game examples as to why the above is incorrect, i'll be more than happy to change my mind.

jb2271146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )


The hard part is narrowing out what you actually got right about your assessment. First off "on rails" is a term that was created for games like the old arcade shooters like T2 & Aerosmith titles where the player literally had no control over actual movement & the player was moved "on rails" over a predetermined space. The player has full control at all times during an Uncharted game, aside from cinematics. It's definitely a 'linear' game in that it moves from one point to the next, but specifically w/ UC4, there are multiple pathways to take to your end goal, and there's always been more freedom in the series than your typical corridor fps shooter. The point is that you have the option to take multiple paths during the driving sequence, and its a testament to ND's skill that they are able to make those "predetermined checkpoints" work so fluid & seamlessly. Would you rather be able to outrun or outmanuveur the tanklike vehicle completely & have absolutely no conflict on the screen? Naughty Dog made a conscious decision to deliver a pulse pounding thrill ride, and in order to achieve that, they need the player to be present at the points where these events take place, plain & simple.

You use "scripted" like its a dirty word, and yet all of the best films come from scripts, all of the best games have scripts, and they are used to keep focus in a story. That's not to say that the player can't deviate from the path & focus on separate aspects of gameplay & environment, just that the story will always play out as it does considering its not a 'choose your adventure' adventure game. Even open world titles are essentially the same thing when it comes to progressing a story.

Uncharted may not be your bag, but if you have truly played it then I'd assume you wouldn't be hung up on these issues. You could literally tear down any title in existence if you boil it to to some base bits, but what's the point in that? Just enjoy whatever it is that you enjoy & let people have their own enjoyments. I'd say the millions of gamers that praise ND & the dozens of awards they've received for their craft speak higher than any criticism (or in this case non-criticism) that could be thrown their way.

Finally, if you read the actual article, the creators themselves say: "But we use the Jeep in other ways, you can jump in and out and go exploring, and we’ve been able to open up the levels and let players drive great distances." & "So at times, the Jeep can move through vast areas, but at times like the level you’ve just seen, you’ve got to hit the gas because Sam’s in trouble.”

Sevir1142d ago

People like ANDREW love to throw around linear and scripted as if it's a bad thing like player freedom is stripped away.

What's worse is that people think "Open world" game design means no scriptscripted event... News flash... Open world just gives large canvases to explore because of the world streaming technology... When you progress through the story it's from point a-b... You simply have the opportunity to punctuation the story with other scripted side stories. Because anything story driven follows a linear path from beginning middle and end.

Open world gave means you the play can explore and take a break for the story and if there are side quests they all have linear progressions to finish them.

Uncharted detractors love to bring up open world games as if your freedom to explore somehow makes the game spectacular... Would you rate That POS game "TWO WORLDS" Higher than Uncharted because you can explore an open world.

Some of your fondest memories in gaming came from playing linear progressions games... People still bash uncharted for linearity but praise Gears of War, people bash uncharted for linearity but want ND to make Crash Bandicoot which is as linear as you can get.

Uncharted would no longer be uncharted if it went Open world, those set pieces, pristine story pacing and moment to moment action and fueled story we love would simply not be present.

Stop bashing Uncharted for its linearity while turning the cheek for Linear games simply because Uncharted isn't on XB...

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frenchtoast1147d ago

It'd probably just become GTA clone like Jak 2.

GameDev11147d ago

Was it Jak2 or Jak 3 that was open world like GTA?

Anyway I remember ND admitted to not liking the way they designed the open world Jak because it wasnt their true vision more taking to trends in gaming back then

Uncharted 4 looks like it is more open than TLOU, allowing you to do side quests, explore areas, use stealth, combat and gunplay in more variety and even get out of the jeep in some areas with a focused linear story

vikingland11147d ago


I thought the witcher 3 did a great job at story telling and so did RDR. But those 2 games aren't the norm. To me Uncharted doesn't need to change because ND does so good at what they do. So I agree with you on that for sure.

Killustrious1146d ago

If they want to do an open-world game then they should just give us Jak 4... or hopefully we'll get a space RPG since they were rumored to be visiting space stations years ago. I love the Jak series to death but I'd prefer a space RPG similar to Mass Effect/Star Wars... imagine what Naughty Dog would be able to do creating their own open-world/universe RPG space game... *foams at mouth*

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masterfox1147d ago

and exactly why people thought this was going to be an open world ? I have no idea.

lalalala1147d ago

Maybe the big open path demo they showed?

Aloy-Boyfriend1147d ago

It's called branching paths, not open world

spicelicka1147d ago

Yea that looked more like an illusion, split paths up and bring them back to the same spot.

Septic1147d ago

I'm still waiting for confirmation that Uncharted 4 isn't a JRPG...

Ezz20131147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

They will confirm it's MMO stratgy game with horror elements and will play like Sim city.

Deal with it.

JWiLL5521147d ago

Drake's hair is looking quite spikey.

Jalva1147d ago

If it was open world the graphics would take a huge hit, and that's the main selling point for the Uncharted series, so good call Naughty Dog!

guyman1147d ago

You've never played uncharted have you?

johndoe112111147d ago

The main selling point of uncharted is the gameplay. But whatever helps you to sleep at night.

Darkwatchman1147d ago

I don't get why you guys are giving this guy negative comments. Yes, the uncharted series is clearly about gameplay above all else, but it's also been a technically impressive series. The original Uncharted was mind blowing in 2007. That level of visuals and animation which people had never seen on consoles were part of what made up the Uncharted experience along with the characters and writing. Then move along further 2 years. Uncharted 2 is a world apart from the original game. The visual leap is almost like a full console generation, but it was still the same gen and it again pushed visual and technical boundaries in 2009 for console games. It's super pretty visuals and outstanding animation made all the combat encounters and huge set pieces more intense than if the animation and visuals were subpar. Then go further and Uncharted 3 again pushes that engine further, but that's where they hit the limits. Nonetheless, it was still an impressive showing in 2011 and made improvements over 2's visuals, making it again one of if not the prettiest console games in 2011.

Naughty Dog has ALWAYS been a technically adept studio that pushes the visual and technical boundaries of the hardware they're working on. Remember how mind blowing crash bandicoot looked back in the day? No one thought it was possible on the PS1, but it blew people away. Technical merit is part and parcel of the uncharted experience. It's not the most important thing, but it most definitely ranks up there because that's just Naughty Dog's thing. They're technically adept developers that always try to push the hardware as far as possible and make the best looking games possible. To say it's not at least PART of what makes Uncharted what it is, is silly.

MasterCornholio1147d ago

I have to agree with Dark. Its just better to just cast your bubble vote and ignore them.

johndoe112111147d ago


I'm confused. Where exactly in my comment did I say that the graphics are not part of what made uncharted what it is?

Darkwatchman1147d ago

Your comment implies that the visuals don't matter to the experience at all. "Whatever helps you sleep at night" comes off as very condescending in the manner that says graphics don't matter to the series at all.

johndoe112111147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )


How in the name of all that is holy does my comment equate to "visuals don't matter to the experience at all"? I'm not even gonna get into this with you. You're obviously a bloody troll. Whatever makes you sleep at night dawg. I'm out.

Lamboomington1144d ago

graphics are a HUGE part of Uncharted. There's a reason ND spend somuch time on the visuals and effects. I'm not saying that's bad or they're hiding anything. It is a main selling point, and to some the main selling point

Their games play absolutely amazing too. Just played TLOU a couple of weeks back - one of the best. In terms of visual fidelity though, their games are literally THE BEST in some ways.

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Outside_ofthe_Box1147d ago

Pretty sure ND would have found a way to make the game look good even if it was open world.

One-Shot1147d ago

Why do I feel like the author of this made this up?

GameDev11147d ago

The author didnt make it up, he just took the interview from another source, but there is more to that interview

Like areas can be explored with the jeep where you can get out of the jeep and walk then get back and drive around

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