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Khajiit86938d ago

Half Life 2 is Number 1.... 2+1=Half Life 3 CONFIRMED!!!

Magicite938d ago

In entire list there are only 2 PC exclusives, now thats uninspiring.
Majority are first person games, that's not great at all.

Khajiit86938d ago

Everyone's list is different

Roccetarius938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

Pretty much all of them i've played already, except Minecraft and Dark Souls 2.

I've never really been the creative type, so Minecraft doesn't appeal to me. Dark Souls 2 was just me being cautious, because of the bullshots they had up on Steam.

I'm still trying to scrape off Diablo 3 from my eyelids.

kneon938d ago

I've never been able to get into Minecraft, I'm always bored after a couple of days. It's just mindless grunt work, no skill required. If I want to make something I'll go to my workshop and actually build something real.

starrman1985938d ago

Good list, not in the order I would put them but good all the same!

kbozz71938d ago

None of the Witcher games? Wow

No_Pantaloons938d ago

I actually liked diablo 3, but its waaaaaaay out of place at number two.

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