Here Is What Red Dead Redemption 2 And GTA 5 Could Look Like In Unreal Engine 4

Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto 5 from Rockstar Games meets Unreal Engine 4. Check out some new UE4 screenshots of AQP City, an upcoming third-person shooter and driving/flying freemode action game that based on the video game Grand Theft Auto.

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Justjoined1231031d ago

That didnt look all too impressive, towards the end theres even a few shots with horrible textures.

bubblepopper1031d ago

That PS2 era tree @2:21 though...

FPSFox1031d ago

These "GTA in UE4" vids never look as good as the original game in my opinion. I have no doubt that if a professional dev were to attempt this, this engine would probably have better results... but this, not so much.

DARK WITNESS1031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

Would it though...

Personally, I think R* games look just as good if not better then most games made made by "professional devs" using unreal.

I mean look at what R* managed to pump out with GTA5 on last gen consoles and compare to all the UE open world games that also came out for that gen.

For UE4 on current gen, we would have to see what the next "true" next gen GTA game looks like with the upgraded rage engine.

I am still willing to bet that it will look better then most UE based open world games.

personally I still think UE is a very overrated engine. It's great for showing off tech demo's and the one or two first party games that epic pump out, few other dev's really seem to get the best out of it.

ratrace1031d ago

wouldnt look anything like this

kraenk121031d ago

What just happened?! This looks terrible. Way worse.

Cam9771031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

Why is this stupid engine so overhyped? Also who keeps making these videos?

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