Check Out DriveClub PS Plus Edition Gameplay; Works Offline if You Managed to Download

DriveClub PS Plus Edition sure does look every bit as good as its fully-featured counterpart. It's even playable - offline.

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SniperControl1150d ago

This is one of the best racing games i have played so far this gen, absolutely love it, well worth the upgrade to the full version.

Dont let the naysayers on here put you off, it really is a cracking racing game.

Rookie_Monster1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

Racing game on PS4 is slim picking ATM so that is not saying much. If you are a multiplatform owner like myself, then Forza and Horizon 2 are the top racers now and Forza 6 will be the new champ when release. Having said that, I'll give the PSN plus of DC a spin when it is actually available to see for myself.

OB1Biker1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

'Having said that, I'll give the PSN plus of DC a spin when it is actually available to see for myself.'
Lol you can't see what s wrong with your whole comment

1150d ago
nX1150d ago

Driveclub is MUCH better than Forza 5, sorry to break your illusion. FH2 is another story but for racing games I personally prefer closed tracks to open worlds.

SniperControl1150d ago

I AM a multiplatform owner, but i prefer racing games like Driveclub, Project CARS, Asseto Corsa and Gran Turismo.

While i also own FH2 and think it is a good game, i am more of a track racer and think driving to races is a bit boring TBH.

IamTylerDurden11150d ago

At Rookie_Monster

U sound very impartial good sir as a "multiplatform owner" (360 and xbone?) seeing as how you proudly proclaim BOTH xbone Forza games to "be the king", u can't pick one bc they're both xbox games.

How in the world do you KNOW forza is better than Driveclub when u admittedly have not even played Driveclub yet? U just know huh? I'm sure as a devout PS4 enthusiast and multiplatform hero u are well aware that meta score means nothing in accordance with Driveclub due to the fact that it's a drastically different/better game than the game critics reviewed at launch. Saying Forza 5 is definitely better than the current version of Driveclub is extremely naive.

Driveclub is my favorite game this gen tbh. I love Bloodborne and it's my goty but i'm in love with Driveclub, it's like the anti Forza 5 with the crazy value u get for the season pass and all the freebies u get with the regular version.

Khajiit861150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

Just because a game is better than the other doesnt mean the other game isnt great lol.. If you think Halo is the best shooter, do you not buy Gears? lol

Driveclub is the most underrated next gen game, def play it when you get the chance, buy the full version its worth it. Forza Horizon is better but Driveclub is a great game as well in its own right.

Volkama1150d ago

This comment.... wow. Prime example of fanboy logic.

I will alert the Fanboy Research Institute immediately as it may help them develop a vaccine.

freshslicepizza1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

"Driveclub is MUCH better than Forza 5, sorry to break your illusion. FH2 is another story but for racing games I personally prefer closed tracks to open worlds."

so that means you will be getting forza 6? i doubt it. anyways this is about driveclub and this game has been handled poorly right from the start. yes the game looks gorgeous and yes those who own it like it which is the main thing. the problem is the playstation plus version has been nothing short of a travesty. it was used as a marketing plan for playstation plus and even the details about what plus members would be getting was not explained well.

then they decided the game wasn't ready (online) for plus but it was ready to sell it even after a year delay? now after going on a year after they finally released it they leak it and pull it and say the servers aren't ready still? this is embarrassing to say the least.

ravens521150d ago

Everyone get driveclub it's a great game. Bought it almost a year ago and still have tons of fun with it. It's one of my top racing games. Not to mention its beautiful.

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bouzebbal1150d ago

it's a free version for everyone, for people to realize how good this game is. I'm glad i bought the retail game some months ago. I took a long break from it due to Bloodborne but i'm back to it again and it's crazy how much happened in Driveclub for the last 2 months.

nX1150d ago

Not only this gen, from my point of view it trumps almost evrrything from PS1 to PS4. It's visually stunning and addictive to say the least.

Kiwi661150d ago

Curious about how many would get this given that the full game has been out for months and i'm guessing that the vast majority will already have the full version

TwoForce1150d ago

I brought it on day one. I'm really enjoying it.

TwoForce1150d ago

Also, sorry about my anger of the last post comment. I'm just tired and angry of all time. This one does surprise me. I like Driveclub.

TomLovesXBOX1150d ago

I downloaded it while it was on the store, and I'm honestly considering buying the full game. I don't understand why it got such bad reviews.

SniperControl1150d ago

Lets be honest, when it launched it was a steaming pile of crap and it deserved it's low scores, online was non existent, no weather, no replay etc etc, it should have been delayed, but Evo have done a really good job of getting all of those things sorted and plus some.

If the game was to be rated in it's current state, you would be looking at 9-10/10.

you should def pick up the full version, a little demo does not do this game justice.

Volkama1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

I agree with most of what you said, but not that it would receive 9s and 10s for what it is today.

Online was actually working pre-release and most of the negative reviews didn't factor that in at all. Weather is lovely, additional content can only be good, the penalty system (that I never really had a problem with but some seemed to) has been refined.

But a lot of the negative reviews stated they simply didn't like the handling, dry presentation, and AI. None of those things have changed significantly, so you can't really expect that the reviews would be glowing now. Take GiantBomb's 4/10 for instance. None of the problems he had with the game have been addressed, so it'd probably get a similar score. He simply doesn't like the game.

Having said all that, I can't agree with the 4/5/6 scores it got in the first place. It has areas it could certainly improve, but it has ample qualities as well and I can totally appreciate how and why some people love it.

gosukyomomma1150d ago

The game is amazing, 9/10 definately my favourite racer at the moment people try and say its a easy arcade racer but far from it, it has a nice learning curve where even if you are good on racing games then it is still a decent challenge.

I couldnt believe how hard the game was at first and thats coming from someone whose golded all races in gt5 & gt6!
My favourite thing is actually the online its so fast furious and fun and its the only racing game where if i come last i still dont care as i still get points!

Evolution studios have done a great job cant wait for their next game

iceman061150d ago

I agree with what you said about the learning curve. It's really not as arcade-like as naysayers would like you to believe. It tilts more toward realistic physics than arcade...though it's not on the level of GT when it comes to that. It's forgiving enough that there is a lower level of frustration. Yet, it's challenging enough that there is some definite struggle. What impresses me the most is the engine that they built for this game. It's incredibly flexible. According to the devs you could actually drive to everywhere that you see, if there were no track limitations, and the detail would be almost as good as what you see on track. This bodes extremely well if they ever decide to use this for a Motostorm game. (crossing fingers)

Volkama1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

If the detail was at the same high standard even off-track then you'd be able to fly the camera there in photo mode. Fact is you cannot drive off track and cannot ever get to those distant areas, so any detail lavished there beyond what you can perceive from the track would be a waste of resource and a waste of time.

^^Before the over-sensitive start hammering disagree, bare in mind this isn't a criticism of the game or the dev at all. I'm just saying I don't think they are terrible at allocating resource. Driveclub wouldn't perform so smoothly if they were.

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