PlayStation Vita Firmware v3.52 Rolling Out

Another stability update has been issued for the PlayStation Vita, bringing the current firmware revision to version 3.52.

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AudioEppa971d ago

Now my week is set.

Thanks Sony.

blackblades971d ago

Every update is so welcome thanks sony.

nidhogg971d ago

Thanks Sony (?) Wait. Why are we getting disagrees foe thanking Sony?

SniperControl971d ago

Lol, are you really surprised?

MegaRay971d ago

Because Sony never cared about us (Vita fans) so why thank them, for a useless update of all things?

blackblades970d ago

Because its n4g the one thing that needs to be updated.

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dkrusen87970d ago

So what did this update do for the PsVita? I still have no